Season's Eatings?

Thanks, go suck a balloon.

500x_all_over_by_daniel_mohr Sometimes it's hard to put the words together to say "thank you," because sometimes it can be difficult to feel gratitude when you feel like a deflated balloon. 

Which is where I was this morning when I came to make a post about "thanks" and found myself with no memory and postictal

Oh. That.  And, then, my day is like that balloon, "pffffffffft.  I am/was okay, and then, half asleep, confused, irritable and waiting for tomorrow.  

WHY IS IT ONLY 3PM?! Mr. MM, I told you, that 2nd job could shove it, nicely.  

So, hey, thanks.  I can't remember what the heck I was PLANNING TO WRITE, but, I lost it.  Pffffffft, the balloon popped, and I lost every reply I had to the super-nice emails I got.  (They will return, this is just how it goes.)  And, when the "words" do return -- they flood back -- so piss me off now, and I may forget it by tomorrow because my mind is PURE PROTEIN JELLO right now.

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