Yes, please.
Dear Wal*Mart,

How To Have The Best Birthday EVER!

We're having a wicked good time!

"Fifty-percent of nailbed injuries have an associated distal phalangeal fracture, most often a comminuted tuft fractures.7 These require no specific treatment other than repair of the nailbed and replacement of the nail in the nail fold."

Yum.  One child's finger in door, and one nail ripped off.  Blood trails through the kitchen and all over me, and my house is now a crime scene.  She's fine, up in my bed with the left-hand-ring finger wrapped and up on a Boppy pillow watching Home Alone and on Ibuprofen -

"I can feel my heart beating my finger!"

I would have taken a photo, because it was so cleanly torn off of her finger, but that was just gruesome and wrong. 

I am waiting on Mr. MM Banker-By-Day-EMT-By-Training to bring her to the ER, but truly there isn't anything LEFT on her finger.  It's perfectly clean.  <shudder>

I am reading about nailbed injuries, and apparently nails are re-attached?  We, uh, threw it away.  It's gone.  This child is going to be a finger of Neosporin and bandages for about two months.  Super.

Oh, as to WHY this child is fingernail-less?  I was going out to the porch to confer with the child who had walked out of the house in a huff.  As she followed me in a panic, because I LEFT THE HOUSE (about six feet away from her) she pinched her finger in the door.  She panicked a little more when she realized it hurt.


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