I want off the drugs.
What you don't know.

Medications and Binge Eating Disorder after Weight Loss Surgery

I was prescribed Zonegran yesterday as an additional therapy for my refractory seizures.   This makes a super triad of three medications, and PLEASE LET IT WORK.

What I did not know, until I came home and played Dr. Google...

is that Zonegran is a medication often prescribed for Binge Eating Disorder.  Which means, likely, many of you may already be taking this drug -- or had taken it prior to your weight loss surgery.  I am open to hearing your experiences on this medication -- particularly if it made you homicidal.

Binge eating disorder (BED) is characterized by recurrent, uncontrollable, and distressing episodes of excessive food consumption (binge eating) without compensatory weight loss behaviors. Its prevalence in the general population of the United States is conservatively estimated to be 1.5% to 2%,1-6 making it more common than anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa combined. BED is associated with being overweight and obesity.

Approximately 8% to 30% of those seeking standard weight loss treatments, 1-4 up to 50% of those seeking bariatric surgery and 70% of those participating in Overeaters Anonymous are estimated to have BED.

Clinical Trials.gov

I was not diagnosed with binge eating disorder, nor am I now, but I fully admit to eating TOO MUCH, because I was 320 pounds.   I still eat too many calories to maintain an "overweight" BMI.  It just IS.  (I'm 165 pounds.)

 It's entirely possible that I overdo it now, pushing seven years after my gastric bypass, but it takes on a different style.  

Many bypassed post ops CANNOT OVEREAT.  It is physically impossible. For me, absolutely in no way possible.  I refuse to overeat because I cannot throw up, my anatomy doesn't work.  If I stuff my pouch with too much food or too much of something that will implode on me (Hello Chinese Take Out Carbs?)  INSTANT SICK.  I am stuck with the nausea and waiting to either dump, or have another "exit."  Good times.  This is why eating out at a restaurant has never been enjoyable for me unless I under-eat.

(Injecting here, I am eating breakfast right now,  100 calorie One-bun, radish sprouts, turkey breast...and I just ate one bite too much.  I didn't have the warning.  This makes the "OMG TOO FULL TOO FULL TOO FULL..."  feeling and I wait it out a minute or three... it usually passes fast, as I have a super stoma.  SWOOSH.)

If they take a vast volume of food, they will feel nauseous and usually vomit.  This may become another issue entirely, eating too much and purging.

What they CAN do, is eat constantly, keeping a flow of calories going and digesting just as their little pouches can handle.  Often these calories are not healthy choices -- or well thought out ones -- they are often completely impulsive grabs.   Impulsive, you?  NO. WAY.  You meant to buy those cookies, and eat them two by two by two until they were gone, tomorrow.  ;)  Sure, maybe it wasn't cookies, it was chips, or even cheese sticks.  It happens.

Some WLS'ers are prescribed medications to control these eating issues, which may have been more binge-type eating BEFORE surgery, and morph into compulsive, repetitive, baby-binges.   

Wait, WHAT?  


No.  The weight loss surgery is a temporary fix for a permanent problem.  

BaconBandAid  It's a Band-Aid covering a wound, until the major part of the wound heals.  When you are just about healed, it comes off.  You are left with a scab.  That scab peels off.  If fact, you will PICK AT IT.  Some of you will make it bleed again, and get infected.  And, start all over again. 

I think it's a very tough realization for many post ops that they will have to "diet" again, or always, or again, or require therapy to get through the pre-existing eating issues that, SURPRISE! never went away, and perhaps take medication.

It happens. 

If you are, here I am, taking two of them, with you. (For something else entirely, but it really doesn't matter at this point because I refuse to take OTHER medications because of their weight GAIN side effect, see?  That would be like PEELING OFF MY SCAB ON PURPOSE.)  

My brain is now officially, oatmeal.  I join you.

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