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What the hell are you WEARING, Beth?

Winner - Mosaik Giveaway - Because I rock the reusable.

Picture 52

Congrats, Charity!

I am one classy gal.  I often find myself asking, myself, myself?

"Do I have enough China?  Do I have enough stemware?" 

Fear not, dear MM, for you have found Mozaik plasticware for oodles of social occasions.   Or, you know, when my book club might be coming over.  <snort>  Stop laughing, I know, I've never had a piece of "China" in my life.  But that doesn't mean I can't rock the reusable plastics, in fact I use a lot more of this type product than anything else.  "Hello, easy?"

Mozaik prize pack
What is Moziak?

Mozaik™ plasticware is a simple, low-cost, convenient and beautiful way to set the table and serve guests for any event, large or small.

How do they do it?

Mozaik™ fits all the pieces together for a ‘total solution’ line of premium heavyweight plastic tableware that looks like the real thing. It’s stylish and designed to easily coordinate with your own tableware collection.

The Benefits of Mozaik™ plasticware:

• It’s useful for unexpected guests, or extra guests arrive last minute.

• It’s great for buffets where you do have a risk of a plate being dropped—no breakage and associated dangerous mess of broken china or glass.

• It saves valuable time. Any time you are having company over and you want to spend your time with them-- instead of cleaning up.

• It’s also affordable, reusable-- and disposable.

Mozaik™ plasticware helps you look great without a lot of fuss-- no matter what the affair. For more information visit

Picture 28
While I got a super-cool gift pack of Mozaik via My Blog Spark, I have the product line in various retail locations, you can check their website for details. 

Picture 29

Mozaik gave me the opportunity to share a prize pack with you as well.  The pack includes Mozaik´s new Service for 8 kit (full 40 piece set), serving utensils, platter and bowl as shown in the photo above.  

Interested?  Comment on this post and let me know how you'll use your Mozaik -- and will it include the display of Penuche Fudge? 

I will pick a winner on FRIDAY of this week.  The prize will come straight from Mozaik.  ENJOY and good luck.

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