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Updated - Sugar = Held at Gunpoint. What would YOU choose?

If you see a certain company selling CLICK and eating drinking their words in a few months?  Remember all of this drama.

"After reading a whole slew of posts on Facebook a few days ago, I had an epiphany that maybe the way that I eat is not how the majority of people eat once they have had bariatric surgery.

If some one burst into in my office, put a gun to my head and made me eat a Snickers bar, the candy would upset me as much as the gunman."

A ten year post operative roux en y gastric bypass patient, so fears The Snickers Bar (or sugar?) that she equates it to being HELD AT GUNPOINT to make a choice? 

Picture 3 I do not discount your  (you, the reader) choices to avoid simple sugars as you may be a very early post op, and likely in fear of dumping, or regaining weight.   Although, hypothetically, if you were approached with a gun and a Snickers?  Right. 

Bitch, you'd be stuffing the candy bar in your mouth and peeing your pants.  So would I.  I'd gladly dump, and not die. 

That's a SICK and absurd comparsion.

You must understand something if you're not already there yet:  the fear and loathing of carbohydrates passes very quickly for most individuals after a gastric bypass surgery.  Once you learn your personal tolerance and limitations, you tend to stick to them.  As you lose the excess weight, you find that there are rules, however you're not chained to anything.  You find what works for you, and stick with it in order to be as successful as possible. 

To equate a single candy bar (or CLICK) to the anxiety of being HELD AT GUNPOINT is ludricrous. 

I promise you this person has had her share of chocolate of <fingerquote> Other Carbohydrates.  </fingerquote> 

There is a whole category of other carbohydrates, many of which, gastric bypass patients are NOT suggested to have in their daily calorie allotment, but, some people choose to use their calories for liquid carbohydrates in such forms.  Just saying.  (IS THAT VAGUE ENOUGH?) 

Oh, wait, I think she mentions something about....

"I have heard some folks use it as a base for making chocolate martini's too. Its all about who we answer to and ultimately we live the consequences of our actions."

Susan, who do YOU answer to? 

I personally, don't make "martini's," - frankly - it was done twice for photography and product promotion.

I've gotten enough backlash for that to fill a blog.  Which I have.  Thanks.

But, your personal blog speaks to alcohol as a much more frequent habit.  You spoke of a friend vomiting into her cup -- because "she didn't know when to stop" -- however -- that friend was on your tab.  That's friendship. 

PSA - Here's my post on alcohol and the gastric bypass patient.

But, you will choose to pick on a protein drink that contains seven grams of FRUCTOSE -

The following is a post from Before and After today, the back story is that there's the drama about CLICK, because too many people like it.

It started when someone ASKED about CLICK.  Posters responded, I share this one, because it's special:

"I was at the OH event in Houston and I heard about Click. There's a woman who calls herself Melting Mama that has a blog who was there as one of the vendors. Apparently, she loves the Click product and promotes it.

I attended the event alone, so one night I joined another group of ladies for dinner at the hotel. The ladies had traveled to the event together from NY. Anyway, during our dinner, they started to talk about Click. They asked me if I tried it. I said I had not heard of it.

They said "OMG go ask Beth (aka Melting Mama) and she will give you samples!" They raved about it. I just smiled and said "Okay."

Meanwhile, their plates were filled with food that I would not eat as an RNY post op. I had ordered a boiled shrimp cocktail appetizer for my dinner. I ate the shrimp and left the rest.

Needless to say, I was finished first. They looked over at my plate and said "You're finished eating?" and "That's all you're going to HAVE?" I just smiled and said "Yes."

I went upstairs to my hotel room and googled about Click. I realized that it was coffee flavored which was my first sign not to even try it, but then when I saw the nutrition information, I thought it was not a good idea.

So, like others have said, I suppose there are so many different variations of what people think is good for WLS patients. Personally, I would not think this product would be a good fit for an RNY patient.

If you do like coffee a lot, I think the Believe drinks would be a far superior choice."

I'm sure the poster didn't mean to say it that way, you guys from New York!  O-o  Nor this from Bariatric After Life:

"Fortunately, the high pricetag was enough of a put-off to make me sit-up, take notice, and read the (freaking) label.

I am embarrassed that I chose to drink that stuff, but more saddened some in the WLS community at large who know better, but don't seem to care about living a healthy Bariatric After Life. It's as if they are more interested in pushing boundaries, than in making good choices.

Of course, they are only doing what any good marketeer does: They are extolling the virtues of a product, simply because it *has PROTEIN*.

Obviously, we are all adults, and must make our own choices -- without fear of judgment –– as only we walk in our own shoes. If someone chooses to drink this, I am hopeful that they are doing so with full knowledge and consent. ;-)

The bottom line for me this: We suffer the consequences when we choose to take uninformed or ill-advised actions.

I'm happy to see this brought to the board, not because of this specific product, but because of what it represents as a whole. There are SO many great options for protein out there (heck, in here), that there's really no need to reach for junk.

Strong words? Maybe, but I take issue with anyone who represents themselves as a healthy bariatric patient, and pedals stuff like this..."

BE - Susan Maria's Post -

"After reading a whole slew of posts on Facebook a few days ago, I had an epiphany that maybe the way that I eat is not how the majority of people eat once they have had bariatric surgery. If some one burst into in my office, put a gun to my head and made me eat a Snickers bar, the candy would upset me as much as the gunman. Its just the way I have always felt about my surgical choice. I had my stomach cut in half and my intestines rerouted and I remember that every single day - its serious stuff. Before surgery I willingly chose very high fat, high sugar, high calorie foods but after surgical intervention I work hard to be happy with my post op choices.

I like myself and I love my life. It has been a long road to get here but that has been my Journey. My Journey is my Life.  (PS. Link these words to the Journey vitamins, Suz.)

All of us who Moderate and Administrate this very large message board community of nearly 30,000 people over these last five years have had very unique Journeys. (Here, Too. Are those Capitalized Verbs products, too?)

While we have a close bond, we have little in common other than this surgery. We offer many different views, likes, dislikes, personal stories, and pre-operative medical situations. Many of us suffer from after effects of our surgery which we are open about as well. We are kind and compassionate - one or two of us like to dance and some of us are funny as all get out - but all of us are pro's at reaching out a hand to those who are swimming furiously to keep their heads above water.

None of us believe that this is easy. We also understand that this is not automatic for many of you. I don't believe that any of us ride a high horse nor do we give the impression that we think you are weak because you struggle. We struggle too and some of us are not at goal weight - we get it! We respect each of you, as we understand the courage it takes to have bariatric surgery.

While some have a compulsion to eat foods with sugar, fast foods, junk foods, the very foods responsible for our Morbid Obesity, no one casts aspersions based on your having slid off the road. Our chief goal is to find you, help you out of the bushes, clean you off, give you a hug and get you a decent home cooked meal. We encourage you to open up and allow us to help you. There is no judgment, no bashing, no laughing at anyone, no making fun at anyone's expense, and we don't use rude language - it is not allowed, nor would we dream of such. So while we obviously do not encourage folks to skip along eating foods that do not further our goals for weight loss and health, we don't belittle you for it either.  (I thought that's what BE stood for?  BELITTLE?)

Welcome to 2011 - this is the place to BE. If you eat cake - and need support, we will definitely give you a hug and help you. (No, that's bullshit. Not everyone.  I was tossed out in my first post in 2008-2009?)

If you want to start off on the right foot - we are here to show you the path. If you have been off the path and have regained ten pounds or one hundred pounds - we are here to help you. Welcome to the best place for bariatric post ops on the Planet"


"I guess it would be easier at this point to just sell the stuff! Maybe I should have been selling it for all these years rather than having to keep explaining that it has too much sugar. Lol.  (If you DO come around and start selling it, PLEASE EXPLAIN IN ADVANCE how you're going to EXPLAIN your "change of heart.")

While I get that others really like this stuff and that is fine as we all have different tastes - we are not really talking about 7 grams of sugar. People have totally missed the point that Click uses a different standard for scoop size.

Since most protein drinks use a 25 to 30g of protein per serving standard - in all fairness, CLICK has 14 grams of sugar in a serving size providing 30 grams of protein. We dont drink 15g proteins shakes, most of us drink 25 to 30 gram protein shakes or drinks.  (Who's "we?")

If folks want to use a protein shake that has 14g of sugar to provide 30 grams of protein - have at it. Post op life is all about choices. I have heard some folks use it as a base for making chocolate martini's too. Its all about who we answer to and ultimately we live the consequences of our actions. (See above, re: answering to God.)

_______________ have 14 grams of sugar that is from fruit puree used as a flavoring, but it has 32 grams of protein so its easier to justify. (You make up reasons to justify the products you sell?  This product makes ME dump like a TRUCK.  I LOVE IT.  L-O-V-E IT.  Do you tell customers that it can make them sick?) We worked with the makers of _______ and the new version WILL have 9 grams of sugar per bottle as most folks want less sugar these days.

___ said it well 'the best protein drink is the one you use', (Which, is... CLICK.) but I just wish this one either had a little more protein or a little less sugar - that's all - as very few people love coffee more than I do, and I really wanted to love Click. (Sure, you did.)

My head, exploded.  Did you see the glitter? 

I commited Bariatric Suicide for breakfast. I am writing this from my Bariatric Afterlife Zombielife.  Who's going to sponsor my funeral?  (Eww, Beth, this is gross!  Yeah, well, so was that post.)

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