Allergan doesn't support "Diets fail! The Lap-Band works!"
Girl Scout Cookies I Wish Existed

Will trade.


Are you the cause?  Probably not.  But I need someone to blame.  Damn it.

I have a pile of goodies to review.   But, I am stuttering and failing to start reviewing because I fear that I will give a product a poor review because I am still rotting from the inside out and I don't to take it out on the product.  Does that make sense?   I have ONE here that I love entirely, and can't wait to write about, but, I don't want to drink it right now, because I am afraid it's going to make my guts turn inside out.

I finally called the bariatric surgeon's office for a follow-up to my hospital visit, to ask for scans, or removal of my lower intestine.  (Don't knock it, my grandmother has no colon, it's worked for her.)  

This is finally getting ridiculous and interfering with Daily Life.  I realized that I have been walking around, holding my guts in place and sleeping like a pretzel since about mid-December.  

I have several post op RNY friends that have Undiagnosed Gut Pain similar to this, some have had sort-of-diagnoses and sort-of-cures, but most have cylical pain that comes and goes with no rhyme or reason.  That makes this really fun to think about!  That, it could have No Reason, and No Cure!  (Wait, I already have THAT!)

That's sort of why I  had ignored it, because I know that many people have gut-reactions (l i t e r a l l y) to stress, and I thought "Well, sure!  Stress equals no potty, no potty equals pain."  It could very well be that simple, but as a post gastric bypass patient, we must be concerned of the possibility of obstructions, hernias and other Fun Things.  

I might have threw the word BEZOAR at the surgical resident at the hospital, and he might have looked at me like I had LOST MY MIND.  Although he did respond to say it was quite unlikely in WLS patients.  <shrug>  

All I know, is that there has been a BOO-BOO of some type since I ate those GOD DAMNED ALFALFA SPROUTS, DR. House.

Will trade free advertising for life for diagnosis(es).

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