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Gastric Bypass Surgery Can Reverse Diabetes, mostly.

ABC News -

Gastric bypass surgery works by reducing the size of the stomach so a person can't eat as much and shortening the length of the intestine so that the body doesn't absorb too many calories. But it might also have the side effect of normalizing blood sugar. 

"The fast effectiveness is due to, we think, an elaboration of hormones made by the intestines,"  Schauer said. "These are called incretins and these are dramatically increased after surgery in hours or days.

"These hormones stimulate the pancreas to make more insulin. And that's thought to be the underlying problem with type 2 diabetes."


But, please do not forget that there are thousands of us who never HAD Type 2 diabetes (and some who did but clearly dropped into the opposite spectrum) who suffer with severe hypoglycemia post gastric bypass surgery.  

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