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This is me, walking away ...

I am in week two of a very entry level math course for college.  I haven't done any sort of math, beyond retail or grocery-store calculations since 1996.  I suppose it might be frightening to know that yours truly was in fact, a Cash Office Manager for a retail store, and a banker at one time.  Yes, that means, I was In Charge Of All The Monies.  <shrug>  I did okay.

But, I am not great with working out math problems on the page -- especially if they get wordy.   "If a train leaves..."  Yes, no.  I cannot calculate.  You want the interest on how many months of what kind of loan for who, why?  I focus on the wrong details.  I am too literal. 

I  just  'walked away' from my work  before I threw it.  I'm taking an assessment, and quite frustrated at this choice:

Picture 19
...because I'm using it.  I don't know.  

I haven't done this stuff since high-school, and opening the book and reading about it is like *blank stare* to me, and worser still is LISTENING to someone else discuss math? <crickets>

Worser-er?  Is that in the time it took to open this blog page, click on compost, realize I had a chicken roasting in the oven, remove it, debone it and come back?  The school's program timed out and I lost my work.  Begin again.

But, in the way that I am a professional procrastinator, it's too late to start again, I'm too sleepy to attempt it and would likely fail the assessment entirely.  If I'm going to fail, I want to DO IT BIG.

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