Tax Fat to Fix Budget

OWN's Addicted to Food

From the Oprah Network, "Meet Tennie McCarty and her eight new clients at Shades of Hope, a Texas treatment center specializing in eating disorders. Addicted to Food airs Tuesdays at 10/9c, only on OWN."

Did you WATCH? What did you THINK?

Curiously, I noticed on Facebook, several of my peers mentioned that they got the the insane URGE to EAT during this show.  How does that make you feel?

I did not watch. I have a hard time with "reality" shows -- that aren't realistic.  I am looking to see if it's online, though.

" Now we've started a real discussion about this. That's a healthy thing. Always investigate any program and get your questions answered fully. Don't buy into a promise that is without proper credentials and evidence-based practices. There are good programs out there to be found. Contact the National Eating Disorders Association for ideas."  - A Facebook Poster on the ATF page

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