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Update on Malissa "'The surgery might have saved my life, but I wish I'd never had it done."

In December of 2009, I wrote a blog post about Malissa Stone, an obese teenager from the UK who had weight loss surgery and was quite miserable with her results.  Now, to be fair, the article was from was seems to be a rag magazine and she was likely paid for her story, so it was dramatic.    Who's to say how much of it was truly real?  Right?  

She appeared as any of us with massive weight loss might, d e f l a t e d.  

The gossip magazine has done it again with another dramatic article. This time she's rail thin, carrying all of her excess skin with no body fat, apparently deep into a full-fledged eating disorder.  How much of this story is legit, I don't know.  Especially since part of the article calls her surgery a band, and another part, a bypass.  But I also refuse to write it off as most of the community will, by either blaming HER, the 'tool,' or the magazine.  Shut up.  I assume that she was paid a lot of money for these photos.

She's still human, she's still one of us.

Warning - This could be a little graphic ...

Picture 41


Picture 42

Post weight loss surgery in 2009

Closer Magazine

Malissa told Closer magazine: 'I would urge anyone wanting surgery to lose weight healthily. I wish I had. 'Surgery can have consequences you might never have imagined.'

Malissa was the youngest person in the world to have a stomach bypass when surgeons performed the £10,000 NHS operation in January 2008. 

She consumed 15,000 calories a day from gorging on chocolate, crisps and junk food  - seven and a half times the recommended 2,000 calories for a girl of her age. But parents Richard and Dawn were unable to stop her food cravings.

Despite the risk of drastic surgery in such a young girl, she survived the operation and within a year lost more than half her body weight. 

She started going clubbing and fell pregnant with farmer boyfriend Chris Robottom, 22. In February, after six months' pregnancy, she became ill with liver failure and her baby had to be delivered by Caesarean. 

Sadly her baby, Harry, died an hour after delivery. Doctors then revealed Malissa's failure to eat properly had led to him being malnourished.

Malissa's weight dropped rapidly as she lost interest in food and doctors have now diagnosed her as anorexic.

'Food made my physically sick,' she said. 'I had to force myself to eat.'  Her daily diet is now three cooked carrots, two portions of parsnip and a roast potato, which provides 300 calories. 

Doctors have advised her to eat between 500 and 1,000 calories a day. Malissa, who is 5ft 8in tall, says: 'I am not deliberately starving myself but, right now, I would rather die than force myself to eat.

'I'm too thin. My body shocks me. But swallowing is painful. Eating a tiny amount gives me stomach cramps or makes me sick.

'I will most likely die of a heart attack, so I must persevere with eating. I am trying, but it is so hard.'

'My body shocks me':  Malissa  is unhappy with how thin she is but swallowing is painful and she eats so little that she frequently ends up in hospital

Clinical psychologist Dr Funke Baffour from Waltham Cross, Herts, said: 'There would have been psychological reasons for Malissa' obesity that a gastric band would not have dealt with.

'It is not surprising she has swapped one emotional relationship with food for another.

'Perhaps, subconsciously, Malissa is so afraid of becoming obese again, she is stopping herself from eating.'

Perhaps.  Perhaps.  And, yes.  Have YOU read weighty secrets?  
"I can't, it makes me sad, boo-hoo.  I am going to be perfect."  
Get over yourself.  It's reality.  People are broken.
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