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Love Love Love Your Vagina!

This is the actual song to promote the Mooncup, an insertable menstrual cup.

Who doesn't love a good song about vaginas? Created by ad agency St. Luke's for Mooncup (an insertable, reusable, silicon menstrual cup), this little ditty is intended to celebrate the various monikers of the mossy cottage, the little slit that somehow never seems to have as many glorious nicknames as its male counterpart. For posterity, Mooncup collected over 14,000 nicknames for the fluffy pink tutu, but only 25 made it into the song. It's a fun way to encourage talk and pride surrounding what is, frankly, a slightly scary product. To put it bluntly, there's a barrier to entry in this category of menstrual helpers. - Adweek

It's not scary, Adweek.  It's hilarious and real.

PS.  DivaT?  Please to learn this and sing it.

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