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A few of you have asked how you could "help out."   I stutter.  I really don't know.

I need a fairy -- who can drive.

While I wish you had magic powers and could help me drive a big ass Dodge 1500 again, but in reality what I need right now is to furnish an apartment with household goods, furniture and whatnot, and the delivery fairies have to do much of it.  (I won't be driving anytime soon -- 365 days again.  I had a seizure today, and two more since this post... after what might have been a month without one.)

Picture 55

I have a random wish list on Amazon as well.  I am furnishing a three BR unit, for myself, and four children part time, so we will need all sorts of things, I can't get it all at once.  I was able to get some basic furniture -- but I still need a million things and it's going to be a process.

Feel free to shoot me now.



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