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Gastric Band Made My Stomach Explode

Dramatic international newspaper article titles for the win!  You just don't see this type of reporting in the United States.  This young lady's band slipped.  She broke.  

Samantha had the operation when her weight soared to 28 stone, putting her health at risk

"A young woman who had a gastric band fitted to help her lose weight ended up fighting for her life after it caused her stomach to explode.

Samantha Haworth, 25, had the operation when her weight soared to 28 stone, putting her health at risk.

For more than two years the band worked perfectly and it was gradually expanded to constrict her stomach and help her lose more weight.

But in February this year Samantha began suffering chest pains that she put down to heartburn. 

Swallowing food also became difficult and she began vomiting. Samantha's dietician told her to see a doctor if it continued but she never did as the symptoms came and went.

'By April I was getting stabbing pains in my chest. I lay on the floor sobbing "I'm dying"

Samantha Haworth shows off the scars she was left with after emergency repairs to her stomach

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