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Balsamic Chicken + Mozzarella from Chef Dave

Coupons Ahoy!

This may not appeal to you, because you like to waste money.

However, this Mama is saving money, and good portion of my weekly income, goes to feeding six mouths.  I neglect to USE coupons.  I have good intentions and never, EVER follow through.  There was a time I would buy a single Sunday newspaper just for coupons, cut them, and then never use them.  I'm so silly -- I am better now -- I don't shop!  But, now that I want to SAVE more to actually put money in the BANK as opposed to nickel and diming myself to death?  Coupons. Happen.

There are affilate links.  I assume they will work.  Go forth and save.

Food Coupons



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