Obesity Help New York October 2011
I take back everything I ever said.

Kids Do The Darndest Things With Your Fat


The first thing my 4 year old says to me this morning, complete with full on hand gestures,

"Mama, you have a hang-y belly."

And cracks the hell up.


This, after yesterday, she started a whole conversation about my gut-overflow.

"Mama, your belly is so squishy, why it's not like everybody else?"

And she pokes and prods my belly skin while I sat on the couch.

"All of you doesn't be squishy like THIS!"


It occurs to me now that there's been a hyper-focus on my gut, since I've felt badly, I am always in some stage of holding my gut.  I'm either holding it, squeezing it, or sitting like a pretzel to smoosh the yuck out, you know?

Because -- I've had a hang-y belly since before she was even born!  I had weight loss surgery in 2004, and she was born in October of 2006!  I weighed a little over 200 lbs. the day she was born, and soon after became very hang-y again.  It's nothing new.

It's just funny how she sees it.

My middle child said, "Well, you WERE wearing very small jeans yesterday, and we could tell that you were different."

This is what Mama gets if she doesn't wear Slimpressions and hold her deflated muffins in.  I was wearing "low-rise" junior jeans and a turtle neck.  Hush.

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