Walk From Obesity 2011's P3 Award
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2011 WLS Award Winners - Weight Loss Surgery Community Awards - Thanks Diva!

Each year, DivaTaunia has a WLS Awards, and last night we did it -- THANK YOU Taunia!

On November 7th, 2011, we announced the winners for the 2nd Annual Backstage Pass WLS Awards. The community nominated their favorites, and the top three nominees in each category were then up for public voting.  All of the winners from this program were voted in by their friends, peers, and colleagues in the WLS Community!

THE 2011 NOMINEES AND WINNER LIST is below -- winners in each category are highlighted/boldfaced.  I am attempting to link all -- as it appears many are YouTube folks -- some I don't know -- and then it's the Eggy show!  



Thankfully I really, really like her.  Bahahaha.   READ ON FOR ALL THE LINKS!

Screen Shot 2011-11-08 at 8.02.14 AM

Favorite YouTube Personality: (I suppose this indicates I should make videos again, and delete the post I wrote last night.  Thank you!)

Outstanding WLS Community Member: Favorite Gastric Bypass Patient:  (You love my broken, you DO, you DO!) Favorite Duodenal Switch Patient: Favorite Gastric Sleeve Patient: Favorite Lap Band Patient: Favorite Mini Gastric Bypass Patient: Favorite WLS Media Outlet:
Favorite Bariatric Vitamin & Supplement Company:  Favorite Bariatric Small Business: Favorite *Individual* Obesity-Related Blog:

Favorite *Business* Obesity-Related Blog:

Favorite WLS Veteran (5+ yrs out): Favorite WLS Newbie (2 yrs or under):
  • Patrina McBride (patrinastrippedbare)
  • JJVidro
  • Vicky Cassabaumd
Favorite WLS or Obesity-Related Forum: Favorite Shaper or Compression Garment (Individual Item): Favorite Shaper or Compression Garment COMPANY: Favorite Protein Drink: Favorite Overall Bariatric Products Company: Favorite WLS or Obesity-Related Charitable Organization: Favorite Bariatric Surgeon: 
  • Dr. Dan Proctor - Georgia
  • Dr. Paul Cirangle - Hawaii
  • Dr. Guillermo Alvarez - Mexico
Favorite Plastics/Reconstructive Surgeon: Favorite WLS / Bariatric-Friendly CHEF: Favorite Bariatric-Friendly Recipe: Favorite Bariatric-Friendly Snack: Favorite Bariatric Meal Supplement:  Favorite Overall WLS DUDE:  (Who are also bad-girls, at times!) Favorite Overall WLS CHICK:  (I think we need to fight.  What do you say?)
  • Shelly "Eggface" Vicari
  • Melting Mama
  • Waning Woman
  • Janine Hallewell / New Zealand
  • Kristen / IAmKris in Germany
  • MexKaty VSG / Mexico
Favorite OVERALL WLS HEALTH ADVOCATE:  Favorite REVERSED or REVISED WLS Individual: Favorite WLS or Obesity-Related BOOK: Favorite WLS or Obesity-Related AUTHOR: Favorite WLS ARTIST:  (Is there a site for your stufff?  All?)  Favorite WLS PHOTOGRAPHER:


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