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Celebrate Vitamins Multi-Complete Chewable with Iron - ORANGE

323522_2375149292790_1072296476_2628755_330138009_oA box from Celebrate Vitamins just arrived.  I opened it within seconds of it's drop at my door because I love mail. 

Seeing the Fed Ex or UPS man makes Beth a happy girl. (When you don't get out much, it takes little to please you.  Don't discuss this.)

In the box, a bottle of Celebrate Multi-Complete Chewable with Iron (Orange) which is a brand-new flavor from Celebrate!

Now.  Let's talk.

My favorite Celebrate Multi in terms of TASTE is the PINEAPPLE STRAWBERRY.  I would do bad things to get more.  I adore these chewables.

But, this -- this chewable -- is a multivitamin complete!  That means -- it's got iron in it.  36 grams of the good stuff. 

It's formulated particularly for gastric sleeve patients, but gastric bypass patients could also take it to avoid taking a separate iron supplement. 

You know your WLS is getting more special when you get your own vitamins.  Mmm hmm!

Here are the ASMBS Vitamin Recommendations.


 Celebrate says -

"Unlike our other multivitamins for Sleeve Gastrectomy or Gastric Bypass patients, our Multi-Complete contains all of the vitamins and minerals that are in our original multivitamin formula PLUS 36 mg of iron daily.

We developed this product with gastric sleeve patients in mind because they usually have slightly lower calcium intake requirements than gastric bypass patients.

This product is also completely appropriate for those gastric bypass patients looking to avoid taking a separate iron supplement. It is important to keep in mind that this product may NOT be taken at the same time as calcium to prevent absorption interference.

When it comes to chewable multivitamins, there are two important things to consider, formulation and taste.  No other bariatric multivitamin can compete with us on either.  Developed specifically for surgical weight loss patients, Celebrate Bariatric Multi-Complete provides the most thorough blend of vitamins and minerals available in a great tasting chewable.  Our integrated formula provides maximum bioavailability as we have carefully selected each vitamin and mineral level and form to enhance interaction and absorption." 

Key things to look for in our multivitamin:

 * Taste - When you have to take a product every day, it needs to be something that you like. Our Orange flavor chewable is unbeatable with a smooth texture (no grit) and great taste, it will be easy to maintain your compliance.
   * Vitamin B-12 (cyanocobalamin)  - With nearly 6,000% of the RDI of vitamin B-12, Celebrate Bariatric Multivitamin contains the highest level of B-12 available in a bariatric multivitamin. Studies have shown that at these levels, 95% of patients will NOT need additional sublingual B-12.

   * B-Complex - In addition to vitamin B-12, the other b-complex vitamins are critical for your health following surgery. Certain B vitamins such as vitamin B1 (thiamin) are critical immediately following surgery and our multivitamin contains the most appropriate levels of each vitamin, in the proper form for bariatric surgery patients. 

   * Vitamin A - By blending pre-formed (retinyl palmitate) and beta-carotene to make up our vitamin A, we are providing the safest and most effective approach available for this key vitamin.  This blend allows your body to regulate its intake of vitamin A, absorbing only what it needs to function properly.
   *Magnesium - This critical mineral is most effective in the citrate form.  Celebrate contains the highest percentage of magnesium citrate of any bariatric supplement.
   * Chelated minerals - Chelation simply means,  "attaching to".  By chelating our mineral forms to amino acid, we have increased the likelihood that these minerals will be absorbed in a reduced acidic environment. 

    *Water Miscible ADEK - We utilize dry, water miscible forms of vitamins A, D, E, and K to further enhance absorption.


Yeah, you scrolled down and TOTALLY skipped all of that.


Opening the bottle, there's a poof of super orange.   I adore orange, so this is pleasant! 

The tablets are the same size as previous Celebrate Vitamins.  They are initial a bit crunchy to get into, and crumble and dissolve quickly like granulated sugar in my mouth.   I easily get one chewed and swallowed, and enjoy a second.  No trouble at all.

(Hey Vic  - you said you like it when I'm a good girl!  Look!  I'm good!  I'm GOOD!)

There is not much of a leftover vitamin feel in my mouth nor a taste of iron -- both of which turn me off of chewables.  The flavor of this product absolutely out does the vitamin and iron taste. 

Super.  Easy.  To.  Take.  Again, Celebrate proves that taking your supplements doesn't have to be difficult -- so quitwhiningandchew.

  • Product - Celebrate Vitamins Multi-Complete Chewable with Iron - Orange Flavor
  • Via - Celebrate Vitamins
  • Price - 60 Tablets for $19.95 - one month supply!
  • Pros - Tastes like sunshine, Florida and positivity... also:  COMPLETE -- two tablets give you 100% MVI and iron. 
  • Cons - 
  • Rating - Pouchworthy, MM
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