Real Housewife Melissa Gorga’s STUPID Obesity Fat Suit Stunt

I am Beth, and I have epilepsy. Day 1.

November is National Epilepsy Month.

I am not faking it.

I would love to say I am. 

I am BETH, and I HAVE EPILEPSY.   I am sorry if this bothers you.  If this makes YOU uncomfortable.  But, this is MY reality.  GET OVER IT.

I had my first witnessed grand mal seizure in January 2008 at my plastic surgeon's office, during my pre-plastics consult.  I was having seizures prior to that date -- but did not understand my symptoms that occur just before a seizure and after -- called auras. 

I am only understanding it NOW -- and I realize that I have had seizure activity since at LEAST 2005-2006 when I hit my lowest weight post gastric bypass surgery.  And, YES I think it has something to do with the massive weight loss > brain twitch.  I may never know why -- but here I am! 

At the current stage -- I seem to have a seizure DAY that I am AWARE OF every 1.5-2 weeks, with 2-3 events in one day.  It seems to follow my hormone pattern.  I have complex partial events, and I may be having smaller events that I cannot decipher.

JUST GET OVER IT.  It's not your problem.

1 in 100.


30 Days 30 Ways -- November 1 --

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