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MM iPad

I got an iPad for my birthday. My birthday isn't until December 1, but the kids gave away the surprise that was *to come from Dad, and I landed a gift early.

My quick non-tech blogger blog review:  <shrug> 

It's a big giant iPhone, which I used to have, and liked alot.  The iPad is quite unneccessary INSIDE a house with a functioning computer, since I prefer a computer with a keyboard to do things on. 

I find that the only extra option I have used (so far, unless you recommend things useful?) ON the iPad that I didn't have before is the option to take a movie away from the desk.  I can go watch a Very Small Netflix movie in bed if I really want to and totally fall asleep because I can't stay awake for any length of time if I lay down.  I suppose it will be super-nice to have to take with me on trips away from home - instead of my teensy half-dead laptop. 

The size is still a bit awkward to carry with you -- it's not small enough to just throw in your pocketbook -- but I know I will anyway.  It needs a case aside from this magnetic thing that I've flipped around it and dropped at least ten times.

And, no, I'm not blogging on it.  I've become a BIT more adept at typing on it, but the autocorrect is not my friend yet.  I remember this, the Gastric Byparse Blog.

Now guess who figured out the Product Features of the iPad first?  "Tris, can you show me how to make a video?"

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