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On the first day of ...

Something....the gastroenterologist gave to me... three Super Fun diagnostic tests that I probably needed done 11 months ago.  Okay, so I'll never write songs.  Shut up.

"Why would you ask for this kind of torture?"  (Well, because like one of my favorite commenters haters says, "Melting Mama Has Munchhausen's Syndrome."  Take THAT, keywords.)

Because, at this point? Any. answer. will. do.

Like I told the doctor today: I have forgotten what it feels like to feel good.

I go to bed with this discomfort -- and it wakes me up. Every day. Every stinking day.  Even on the best days where I walk all day long and can "forget about it" for a while, it comes back when I am sitting, stopped or in bed.

Even if we get through the testing to find out, you know, it really WAS just a hernia (which has already been confirmed, I have a small hernia near my bellybutton) and/or a bacterial overgrowth problem, or even celiac... Crohn's -- something -- GOOD!

At least I have an answer instead of THIS. Constant dull pain -- constant discomfort -- constant reactions to food -- that I cannot predict. I can't tell if one stab is related to the digestive distress, I just have no idea. I only know that it hurts every day, and I am quite sick of it. 11 months.

Colonscopy - check.  Capsule endoscopy - check.  Bacterial overgrowth breath test - check.  PS.  Biopsies for extra fun.


"Yay."  Testing starts in two weeks.

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