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Starbucks Skinny Peppermint Mocha (Michael!) Review

Screen Shot 2011-11-12 at 8.15.13 AMI swore I wouldn't bother with this drink:  the Starbucks Skinny Peppermint Mocha.  Why?  Well, the last time Starbucks had a sugar-free mocha option, I tried it and recall that it sucked, badly.  Sugar-free mocha powders and sauces aren't easy to perfect, the flavor is either too sour or just not right.  (That's what I said, Just Not Right.  There.  That's my non-foodie opinion.) 

I get around this by using REAL unsweetened cocoa powder at home and concocting my own mocha with sweetener -- and at 'bucks -- my standard drink is an Iced Venti Soy Americano with 1-2 pumps real mocha with Splenda.  Because - the sugar-free mocha has never been an option - until now.

Yesterday I ordered a Skinny Peppermint Mocha.  Peppermint + chocolate = heaven for me, combining both is a perfect duo and should be the World's Most Bestest Espresso Drink EVER. 

But, in my coffee?

This is what Starbucks has to say about the drink -

"It’s the familiar Peppermint Mocha treat you've been looking forward to – a cool blast of peppermint mixed with rich bittersweet chocolate – but with fewer calories. Featuring a combination of espresso, steamed nonfat milk, sugar-free bittersweet mocha sauce and sugar-free peppermint syrup, the new Skinny Peppermint Mocha provides a light twist on sweet treat with just 110 calories for a Tall (12 fl oz.) beverage."

Now, that said, I am not familiar with the familiar treat, the regular Peppermint Mocha has never been on my 'bucks order, as I have been a gastric bypasser as long as I've been a hard-core coffee drinker, and a Peppermint Mocha is TWO THINGS

#1 - THE GUT DEATH.  It's 839025 carbohydrates (not really, but sort of close!) due to milk and sugar ...

#2 - About That Many Calories, of which matched my daily CALORIC NEEDS early after weight loss surgery. 

So, no.  That drink has never been appropriate for ME. 

But, skinny versions of the most popular drinks, are an almost option.

The skinny - HA HA -

Screen Shot 2011-11-12 at 8.15.13 AM


Now, remember, that's for a TALL drink (the smallest one...) with NONFAT MILK, and NO WHIPPED CREAM. 

I ordered mine with SOY, and NO WHIPPED CREAM, so it was a bit different, but I do not drink dairy milk unless we are in East Nowhere and there is NO option.  I'm a pain.

Anyway, I opened the drink:

(I miss this.  I haven't had this since I broke my baby.  My baby DeLonghi Super Magnifica. I used to make soy cappuccinos all day long.  Is it any wonder I gained weight?  Not. at. all.)

Anyway I opened the top and got a whiff of mint!  The little one, "Mama, what's that I smelling? Your coffees?"  Oh yes.

I sipped, and realized immediately that this is Not My Drink, it's super-sweet, and about five times creamier.  You can taste both chocolate and mint, and a touch of espresso, but not really at all.  This is not a drink for the coffee-drinker.  It made me think of my mint-chocolate chip ice cream days, and I don't know if this is a good/bad or indifferent thing. 

Let's just say, I downed this baby-sized cup faster than you can say "Another?" and would be unlikely to buy another. 

What I would consider -- is adding a pump or two of the same flavorings to my standard drink of choice.  1 pump of sugar-free mint, 1 pump of sugar-free mocha, just for a touch of that Peppermint Mocha flavor, without feeling like I'm sipping melted ice cream.  I wanted to take the tall-sized mocha home and dump it over ice in a huge cup and dilute it with more coffee.  Too. much. sweet.

I hope that Starbucks considers KEEPING more sugar-free options ON THE MENU.  I would say that more options = more addictions = more dollars, no?  I mean, someone like ME, who is a hardcore espresso drinker, only has 1-2 drinks of choices at 'bucks, but I COULD potentially have a whole plethora of $5 options.

Get on that would ya?




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