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Thank the OAC for their Efforts in 2011 by Making a Tax-deductible Donation

Thank the OAC for their Efforts in 2011 by Making a Tax-deductible Donation


"Dear OAC Member -


A teacher in Utah is told that if she doesn’t have weight-loss surgery she will die, yet her insurance won’t cover her surgery. A hospital patient is wheeled to be weighed while the staff members laugh at her and insult her. Someone in Jacksonville, Fla. is humiliated when she sees a huge billboard that likens her to a whale. An individual goes to see his doctor who tells him that to lose weight all he has to do is diet and exercise, while a medication that would increase his weight-loss by 15 percent has been denied by the FDA.


The Obesity Action Coalition has taken these issues head-on and continues to fight for the rights of the individual affected by obesity everyday. But we cannot do it alone. We need your financial support to help insure that these scenarios don’t happen again.


I’m not asking for your support as OAC Chairman of the Board, but as a fellow member and fellow patient. I have seen first-hand how the OAC has touched so many lives. From talking to individuals directly affected, to meeting with elected officials and seeing the “light bulb” go off when you educate them on the importance of treatment; it’s obvious to me how much the OAC has done for so many people, and in just a short amount of time.


The reality is that in order to continue our initiatives, we need the financial support from members like YOU. Please consider the OAC in your year-end giving by making a tax-deductible donation. Your donation will directly help us produce free education to the millions who need it and insure that your voice is heard in Washington, DC. I’ve made my year-end donation, now it’s up to YOU!"






Barbara Thompson, MLS

OAC Chairman of the Board, Fellow Patient and Member Since 2005

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