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Leave it to MM to scare you out of a colonoscopy.

*Please send hate mail to [email protected] ... because someone is BOUND to say it, "MM this only happens to you."  Also -- NOTE -- colonscopies CAN BE a life-saving procedure, they can find disease... Please get your procedures done.

I got to the hospital right on time, was taken straight back to change into a gown for the test, and waited mostly patiently for my nurse.  I was given an IV of saline, and taken back to the procedure room.


The nurse, Leslie (go figure, I REMEMBER!) gave me the run-down of what was to happen, and I waited for the GI doctor.  He came in, had me sign off on the procedure and away we went.  The nurse gave me medication through my IV --

Screen Shot 2011-12-13 at 3.42.30 PM

And the doctor started the colonscopy. 

I felt every bit of it.  While I was slightly sedated, I could feel the scope moving through my system, and the water flushing as well.  I was able to turn and watch the screen, I watched several parts of my intestines flash in front of me.  That kept my mind off the discomfort, a little bit.

I was under the impression that I would be ASLEEP for the procedure, or at least sedated to unawareness, AND have amnesia of the event. 

Non-sedation colonoscopy IS performed, and it's NOT COMFORTABLE, but people do choose this.

During the procedure, I heard the doctor and nurse discussing that I might need a little more medication because I wasn't responding to the initial dose.  At some point I started shivering pretty badly, and I remember them asking if I was cold.  I was, and I was also FEELING the scope INSIDE MY GUT. 

I would assume I got a little bit more medication through the IV.    And, honestly, I think I had just enough sedation that I was unable to verbalize just how uncomfortable I was.  I could only get out basic responses.

The GI found a polyp, and removed it to send to biopsy.  I watched it on the screen, a tool took this little pimply bit and removed it.

I was about to scream, if I could, when the doctor announced he was finished. 

Two medications, and I was awake and aware.  Go me.  What can I do with this skill?






Screen Shot 2011-12-13 at 4.17.45 PM

Now will you believe me that I FELT the upper ENDOSCOPY, TOO?   BECAUSE I DID. 

"You can't POSSIBLY."

BUT.  I did.  I do.  I am super-woman.

Anyway - it appears that my lower intestine is "okay," aside from a polyp, it appears healthy so far as I can tell.  I'll hear more when I go back and swallow a camera.  Oo



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