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Year End Gift Matching for NEDA

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When it comes to fighting eating disorders, the National Eating Disorders Association is your friend, your ally, and a valuable resource. Contribute your year-end gift now and it will not only do a world of good, but also will be matched by Board member and founders, Don and Melissa Nielsen. This is your last chance to have your gift doubled in 2011!

Donate now:

We are so grateful on behalf of all of those who will benefit. Your gift helps to fund the NEDA Helpline, a safe place to call for those taking their first steps toward recovery. Contributions also support our NEDA Navigator program, providing support to family members new to an eating disorder diagnosis. And, in just two months we will be hosting the 25th Anniversary NEDAwareness Week, the largest eating disorders education and outreach effort in the country.

In short, your end of the year gift will provide individuals and families affected by eating disorders with the resources and support they need. For them, you are truly providing the greatest gift of all... hope.

Give the gift of hope today.

Wishing all of the NEDA family a happy and healthy New Year,

The National Eating Disorders Association


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