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Confessions and Topamax

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You may have noticed that I was food journaling for a brief time, and I quit.  I told you before, I hate food journaling with an undying passion.  It makes me want to eat more calories and play games with my calories, and I truly do not enjoy putting myself in diet-brain.  When I am food journaling and see 1000 calories on the board, I may unconsciously just go to the kitchen and get a snack, because I've got room to spare, and so on and so forth.  

It fails me.

Well, it worked at first.  I lost weight.  I lost a few of my regained pounds.  I did.  But.  It stopped working.  I stopped working.  I am now maintaining without changing a damned thing, and it is frustrating to say the least. 

So -- what's the difference?

I was taking Topamax previously.  And?  I was easily maintaining my (lower) weight.  I stopped taking it, oh... just about the time I GAINED WEIGHT!


Apparently that shit works.  Why did I stop taking it?  I ran out of my prescription -- and my appointment for the my neurologist wasn't until March -- now it's bumped to April.  I called and begged for a refill.  I take Topamax as it's an anti-convulsant, but it's also known for it's anti-appetite components.  I didn't know if it helped me maintain my weight at all -- but I think that's my clue.  

I got a refill today, took half my daily dose and it kicked in immediately.  I am in a brain cloud at the moment, please do not ask me anything important at this time, or maybe you should.

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