1-800-Get-Thin President Quits - Oops
Actively Pursue Being Thought Foolish! I Am!

Blessing hearts again.

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Well, bless your heart!

"I think your a fake... I've watched you since before my own surgery and didn't like you then. You're either whining or bullshitting people into thinking you have it all together."

Aww, cupcake!  <insert inflection there>

I never had it together.  

I never once claimed to.

Honey.  Have you met me?  

No.  Really.

I am a self-admitted mess, but thanks for thinking I enough skill to even FAKE  "having it all together."  

 That's a large reason why people write blogs, you know, because they DO NOT HAVE IT TOGETHER.  It keeps them from cutting kittens or eating Cheetos.  I've been blogging in various forms since before 2005.  Does that make me a "fake?"  Fine.  Don't read it!  Silly girl!

The bigger question might be why you're analyzing me. 

I love haters.  They motivate me.


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