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UK Surgeon - 10,000 Kids Need Gastric Bands

Actively Pursue Being Thought Foolish! I Am!

I rarely read blogs about weight loss.  I cannot read about anyone's daily weight, not my own, not yours.  Numbers will not determine my worth -- nor yours.  So there. 

Honestly, I read more blogs about blogging.  I often read blogs about How To Blog.  Yay for Problogger!   BTW - if you're looking to earn a living through blogging, it's a MUST-READ.

On blogs about blogging you might find posts regarding how to deal with criticism and haterade.

"To do anything remotely interesting you need to train yourself to be effective at dealing with, responding to, even enjoying criticism… In fact, I would take the quote a step further and encourage people to actively pursue being thought foolish and stupid.”  (Ferriss 2012)

As you might note that I have taken to posting a selection of haterade here and there and offering it for public consumption.   I, uh... might take relish in eating haters.   With ketchup.  And, frankly, I don't give a shit about the sugar content.


This is something I took from, she is a Queen of blogging, and receives A Lot Of Hate, and at one point had a sub blog filled with only Trolling and Hater entries.  

Blogger hate posts are hugely fun awful to read because anonymous readers/commenters from the interwebs are a bit unhinged, and get all conspiracy-theory on bloggers and make up their own super-detailed versions of our realities.  Many of us aren't that much fun in "real life," you know.  Some blog readers must be really, really bored to come up with the blogger haterfiction out there.  

I don't want to jump to any sort of conclusions about any of you -- MM Readers -- because of course you are all Mensa-level IQs with double Masters' degrees and all sorts of amazing with perfection oozing out your pores out of your childrens and your dogs even shit perfect little doggie doodles.  

And, you guys... you would never leave trollin' comments on blogs.   Never.  Never, ever, right?

'Cause that's really, like, eighth grade.

And, I know me some eighth grade.  I have four kids.  I hear allllllll of the drama from 4th-8th grade.  Blog drama is a lot like 8th grade girls in the bathroom.   Y'all need to get a detention sometime. 

There are various thoughts about that -- some think "You are giving people what they WANT!!  ATTENTION FOR HATING ON YOU!!  GASP!"  Which is true, sometimes, (you can usually tell the kind of troll/spam that wants it's name out there...) but usually people that send haterade don't leave a signature.  They don't really want to be outed.  

Some senders think that by offering semi anonymous jabs, they can get their digs in and be unknown.  You're not always unknown.  Using the same IP that you commented with, to post nasty comments... bad idea.   Anyway. 

Sometimes these are people "closer" to us as bloggers, but who don't have the cojones to sign an email with their real name.  These comments and mails come with stories, "I've seen you ... I know what you ...  I've watched you...  I've read you... My family knows... "  

You silly stalkerish women.

The straight up "I hate you, why don't you just die" emails are easier to read because they usually come from drive-by haters who haven't got a clue as to WHAT they are hating on.  They just do it to do it.

They can get their jollies in knowing that they have effected the person who opens their comment, post or email.  

"HA HA!  She'll never know what hit her!  I'mma send this here comment - 'WHY DON'T YOU JUST STOP WRITING ABOUT YOUR FAKE LIFE and your FAKE HUSBAND and your FAKE KIDS and your FAKE BROKEN DISHWASHER and your STUPID HOUSE and your UGLY FACE and DIE, BITCH!!' and then I can sit back and watch her shrivel up and stop!

Okay.  You know.  The effect is somewhat dulled after you receive ten or twenty or thirty messages like that.  At THIS point, it's more like,

"All right, what's it this time:  You think I'm faking my current weight?"   Fine. *takes a photograph of the scale*  What else do you want to bitch at me about?  Seizures? Fine, you get your ass over here and drive me to the store to pick up my RX and we can talk it out.  But, get it all out at once, would you?   Here's today's entry.

I do wonder, sometimes, if someone less Humoured Than I (Really, I Am Full Of Funny...) would be pushed over the edge with this stuff.  Particularly in this lifestyle category... niche, there are REALLY SENSITIVE PEOPLE OUT THERE that you are fucking with. I'm not so sure you should be poking the instable.

Just saying.

Try not to be effected reading any sort of nastygram.  It's easy enough to just say, "whatever" and delete it, and it's also easy enough to copy - paste - and give it to the universe.  I'm not going to own your angry.  You can keep it.  Thanks.

Instead of using your angry against me, go do something positive would you?

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