Shift the Focus - Weight Discrimination
Off I go! Wish me seizures.

Janet Jackson tells us "This is what success looks like," on nutrisystem

"This is what success looks like."  -Janet Jackson on nutrisystem

Ms. Jackson if you're nasty? Not so much. Ms. Jackson if you're chubbylikeMM.  Damn it if she doesn't persuade ME. Janet Jackson's Nutrisystem campaign Spoke To Me.  Really. 

Screen Shot 2012-04-09 at 8.25.20 AM
Example of a nutrisystem day

How's the food?  No, really, I am curious.

Until I read this and started chanting, It's Not About Numbers, It's Not About Numbers...

"At her heaviest,  Jackson, who stands 5 feet, 4 inches tall, weighed 180 pounds."

I assume THIS is "the highest" wrapped in a corset. *dance*  WTFWHOCARES?  Dance!

Pfffft.  Okay.  I get it, because this is the Janet I remember.  But.  Whatever. 

Janet Jackson featured on a 1993 cover of Roll...Janet Jackson featured on a 1993 cover of Rolling Stone with the hands of her then-unknown husband René Elizondo, Jr. cupping her breasts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
















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