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Weight hate by PCRMs "Sit next to a vegan" campaign

As you can see, this commercial further perpetuates weight bias and stigma. The commercial clearly displays an individual affected by obesity as clumsy and careless. Negative weight bias such as this must stop! We need your help!

OAC leadership originally contacted PCRM in January 2012 regarding another campaign against obesity that we felt was offensive toward individuals affected by the disease. Pictured right, you will see a PCRM campaign targeting cheese consumption and obesity.

If you feel this commerical further perpetuates weight bias, please contact the following PCRM representatives:

Neal D. Barnard, MD
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)
5100 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Ste.400
Washington DC, 20016
Phone: (202)-686-2210, Ext. 314
[email protected]

Patrick Sullivan
PCRM Communications Director
(510) 834-8680
[email protected]

When sending emails to these individuals, please CC [email protected]. Also, please share any responses you receive as well with the OAC.


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