Study - Successful Weight Loss Among Obese U.S. Adults - How?
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THANKS ALL! Winners HAVE BEEN PICKED! Wellesse Vitamin Giveaway + Contest! 100+ prizes!

 Winners have been notified - THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Wellesse recently shared their products with me, and I am loving them.  Keep your eyes peeled for more review posts very soon!  Here is your opportunity to give Wellesse Liquid Supplements a try!
Wellesse provides liquid supplements perfect for weight loss surgery patients who cannot take pills.  (Or won't.  Or like to mix it up!)
The Wellesse brand was born out of the health and wellness genius of Botanical Laboratories (BLI) located in Ferndale, Washington. For over 20 years, BLI has been a leading, nutritional supplement company, known for providing product excellence and delivering outstanding quality and customer service.  Years of scientific research and adherence to quality standards and innovation have made BLI one of the fastest growing, nutritional supplement companies in the United States.  BLI has dedicated its resources to achieve the highest industry licensing and quality certifications available. 
Botanical Laboratories Strives to Provide: 
  • Safe and clinically supported, effective products
  • Highest quality using state-of-the-industry technology 
  • Superior customer service for our consumers and partners 
  • To learn more about Botanical Laboratories, please visit
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Wellesse is offering two $100 gift-packs and 100 Bariatric Sample Packs to Melting Mama readers because you're awesomesauce and all that.

Two Wellesse Bariatric Starter Packs
  • $25 Wellesse gift card 
  • Shaker bottle, sports bag, pen, notepad
  • 2 Multivitamin 16oz
  • 2 Calcium 16oz
  • 1 Iron 16oz
  • 1 Vitamin D3 16oz
  • 1 B-12 2oz 
  • Total value $100 each
That's a great giveaway!  And just for reading, you can have -
A Bariatric Sample Pack - 
  • Includes 1 2oz bottle each of Multivitamin, Iron, Calcium & B-12 with coupon!
  • FOR THIS just email their mailing info to (Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery)
  • Up to 100 free sample packs!
To enter for the $100 Wellesse Giftpack leave a comment on this post!
You can earn additional entries for the giveaway by -

Don't forget to visit Wellesse in LAS VEGAS at the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America Annual Meet + Greet Fundraiser!

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Enter now for one of two $100 prizes and get your SAMPLE PACK TOO!  

Thanks, Wellesse, and thank you!

 Winners have been notified - THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  (In the comments - noted with "Winner"....)

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