20/20 Interview Confessions
ABC 20/20 Losing It: The Big Fat Trap - Full Episode - The Greatest Scams Goin'!

FYI - 20/20 Show WILL NOT AIR - I am sorry for the constant spam!

I just got home from eight days in the hospital for a brain surgery evaluation for my epilepsy.  "Fun."  (More on that later.)  

But even more "fun" was taking the phone call about the 20/20 Episode I Flew To NYC to be interviewed for -- while being unhooked from the EKG and EEG leads.  

My interview, the words of he President of the ASMBS, another post op patient that was followed by 20/20 for a YEAR, and the WLSFA were yanked to make room for a sensational story about... WAIT FOR IT...

1-800-Get-Thin.*  (Yes, the same 1-800-Get-Thin that sic'ed their lawyer on me to remove blog posts and images from my site!)

Are. you. kidding. me?

How is this a new story?!  We have been writing about these slime balls for YEARS. 

I'm a little more than disgusted, and that is saying a lot.  I am the girl who talks about WLS as a job and also preaches DO NOT SELL WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY, and I am the one fearing that this episode is going to portray WLS in a negative light. 

I figured since I spammed you from every social media angle TO WATCH IT IN THE FIRST PLACE, I should repeat the same to let you know that it will not air.  Thank you, by the way.  I appreciate all that were going to!  That is, of course, if you were watching to see us!  Due to the 498104 comments and emails, I figure I had to regurgitate.

I apologize.

*PS.  And of course - the NG Tube Feeding Diet!  Because it's wicked hawt right now.

Here is some nicer verbiage - or - alternatively - what I should have simply posted - but since I'm a Bad Girl and all - you know...

"We just learned the ABC News 20/20 Deborah Roberts segment on bariatric surgery featuring successful bariatric patients and Dr. Blackstone will not be included in tonight’s program. The show on the weight loss industry, however, is still scheduled to air. We remain hopeful the program will provide balanced and accurate information about obesity and its treatment."

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