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How I lose my Libertarian blog readers! Obamacare & The Broccoli Argument

Obamacare & The Broccoli Argument

"There is nothing stopping Barack Obama from making Americans gay-marry an illegal immigrant wearing a condom, in a hydroponic pot farm powered by solar energy.

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Obamacare & The Broccoli Argument
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Article - Have Surgery, Lose Weight, and Start Drinking

No, really?  When will you start listening and not just suggesting it's .... someone else's problem? Put down the glass for a minute and read.

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Of car-dancing and brain surgery, and another blog to be, I'm sure it will happen.

We got up at the crack of early and headed into the city for a neurology appointment today.  I told the doctor the truth about Brains Of Oatmeal while taking my current medication, and he swapped me to another medication instead.  I will wean off of Vimpat and move to Keppra.  I just took my first dose, and we shall see.  He mentioned that one of the most common side effects is The Very Cranky, and I mentioned that it's just as likely since I already Have The Very Very Cranky on Vimpat.


He asked me for the umpteenth time, was I opposed to surgery to fix my brains.  I said I was on the fence and that I would go ahead with the months of testing as a pre-surgical patient.

For Joy The Things I Have To Look Forward To!

Click for full-size - from http://www.mayfieldclinic.com/PE-EpilepsySurg.htm

I've got the Continuous EEG testing done, the rest come next!  Read closely, some are really "fun," like the catheter to my brains!

Screen Shot 2012-06-29 at 2.12.01 PM
Screen Shot 2012-06-29 at 2.12.18 PM

So. That's a lot of "fun" to consider, so I had to dance.  

The Medicine Cabinet-Ask the Harvard Experts: Risk of alcohol abuse increases after weight-loss surgery

The Medicine Cabinet-Ask the Harvard Experts: Risk of alcohol abuse increases after weight-loss surgery.

The risk of alcohol use disorder was twice as high for people who had gastric bypass than for those who had placement of an adjustable stomach band. Although the researchers were not sure why there was such a difference, it does make sense.

The stomach lining contains an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase that breaks down alcohol. With a much smaller stomach after gastric bypass, less of this enzyme is available and more alcohol gets directly into the blood stream. Also, alcohol remains at higher concentrations for longer periods after gastric bypass.

If only...

I love this. If only we all had the confidence to pull it off.

SML Susan Maria Leach Bariatric Eating New Store BEHealthyDrinks

Susan Maria Leach of the SML Network, and BEHealthyDrinks formerly of Bariatric Eating, you say you have a New Store and everything is in stock  (Hello, bullshit!) and ready to ship?  So what about your customers who have waited sixty, ninety or one hundred and twenty days or more for their "old" product that is obviously not in stock?


"Behealthydrinks focuses on top quality protein drinks and easy blending powders. Pure quality, whey protein isolate, with natural ingredients. All our products are are regularly tested for purity and manufactured in GMP certified and organic facilities."

Sure it does.  That is, if you were manufacturing it and not screwing your customers.  Hate me all you want.

72 days since my first order.  God knows how long since my second.  

Better Business Bureau rating of F.

Screen Shot 2012-06-26 at 2.24.10 PM

Diabetes can return after gastric bypass

21% of patients in a study had recurrence of their diabetes a few years after roux en y gastric bypass.  This suggests that those with diabetes might benefit from having weight loss surgery EARLIER in the course of their obesity and disease?  


It could be -

LA Times via Mayo Clinic -

A new study by researchers at the Mayo Clinic Arizona in Scottsdale, however, suggests that more than a fifth of those who are cured suffer a recurrence of their diabetes within five years, even without a weight gain. The results indicate that patients who had suffered from diabetes the longest were most likely to have a recurrence, suggesting that surgical intervention should be undertaken early in the course of the disease.

Dr. Yessica Ramos and her colleagues at Mayo studied the records of 72 obese patients who underwent a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass operation between 2000 and 2007 and who had at least three years of follow-up. They reported at a Houston meeting of the Endocrine Society that 66 of the patients (92%) had a reversal of their diabetes at some point. Within three to five years after their surgery, however, 14 of those patients (21%) had a recurrence of their diabetes. The patients who did not have a recurrence lost more weight initially and maintained a lower average weight during the study period, but they did not regain less weight than those who had a recurrence.

But the longer the patients had suffered from diabetes before the surgery, the more likely they were to have a recurrence. Patients who had had diabetes for more than five years were 3.8 times more likely to have a recurrence than those with less than a five-year history.


Can Gastric Bypass Fuel Alcoholism?

Can Gastric Bypass Fuel Alcoholism?  Short answer:  sometimes, too many times. 

Remember when I was shuffled off to NYC a few weeks ago to interview with ABC?

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Recipe - Portobello Mushrooms Stuffed with Spinach and Goat Cheese

PortobellobBeth has decided she needs inspiration to make more foods at home.  

No, really.  Can you say food rut?

I am looking through recipes and posting things that I would absolutely nom if I had the option.  I figure that the urge to make something will hit me eventually.

I find that I see a food post on other blogs and thing, "I would like THAT" and I never do it.  

Its a combination of things,

#1 - Would my kids eat it?  Often, no.  

#2 - Would I make that just for myself?  Usually, no.

 #3 - Is this going to cost $XX.XX just for one meal?  Yes.  So, lazy wins out.  Another salad, anyone?  :x

Via Epicurious -  

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Protein Shake Sampler Giveaway

Picking a winner NOW!  Closing comments!  Picked!  Kim S.

I am floating in samples.  I need to share. Reverse-1265713754_floating_cat  

I got guilty at ASMBS -

"So, when are you going to post about ______?"  

Oh, right.  I have the stuff here.  Lots of stuff.  

In fact there a ton of things here that I know you will love and Just Why Haven't I Posted About Them Yet?  Is it because I am full of procrastination?  


 Here's the first installment (of lots!) of the MM Has Too Many Samples She Needs To Try And Review But She Needs Motivation To Do So, Giveaway!  

Does this work for you?

Included in this giveaway -

  • OhYeah! Total Protein System in Chocolate Milkshake, Cookies + Creme and Vanilla Creme, and an OhYeah! Blenderbottle

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  • And samples of every flavor of Big Train's Fit Frappe!  

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Screen Shot 2012-06-22 at 4.48.01 PM

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Screen Shot 2012-06-22 at 4.59.14 PM

Do anything listed below AND leave a comment on this post to let me know what you shared, for a shot at winning.  I will pick a winner by SUNDAY NIGHT.  If you do not reply with a shipping address -- I will repick within three days.  KTHANX.

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Thank you, and watch for LOTS more giveaways coming super fast and often.

ASMBS - Weight Loss May Change Brain

Have weight loss surgery - change your brain?  Interesting suggestions here -

MedPage Today -

MRI scans done after bariatric surgery reveal different patterns of brain activation in response to food cues according to a study reported here.

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See you in San Diego! ASMBS 2012

I am off in the very early morning to go to San Diego for a few days of ASMBS.  I will land in San Diego and meet up with none other than Michelle of The World According to Eggface, and we will be roommates because she doesn't sleep and I can keep her entertained at times.  True story.

ASMBS is yearly event for bariatric professionals, like surgeons, patient coordinators, nurses, nutritionists.  ASMBS is an opportunity for these pros to get together to learn about new techniques, studies, products and services for the care of the bariatric patient.  It's the biggest event each year, attended by thousands.  

The pros attend seminars, classes and lots of informational type events while vendors prepare and offer their goods to the pros.  It's one of the only opportunities that the docs and offices get to talk to these companies one-on-one and see if their products or services match the surgeons/others needs.

I have been very fortunate to attend in 2010, 2011 and this year, 2012.  I attended via a couple vendors the first year, and worked for another vendor last year, and this year I am not working the event, but just going for a couple days to get my fill of the products and services for our community -- and to attend the OAC reception.  

Like I have said before: the ASMBS vendor exhibition hall is like going to the candy-store for me, a blogger who writes about mostly bariatric surgery and products suitable for the bariatric patient.  As if I needed more -- I have the opportunity to sample new product and bring it home to you.  This pleases me, as I am all about products and want to somehow work in the field of product marketing when I grow up.  That said it's likely that going as an attendee is more fun that working at a booth.  Although, I would give anything to get in to some of the educational seminars and pretend I was Dr. MM.  Just saying.

I will see you on Facebook until I get home!  

RHONJ's Lauren Manzo on Weight Loss Surgery and lying and drama

RHONJ's Lauren Manzo on Weight Loss Surgery.  

Watching clips of The Real Housewives of NJ for this post, I shudder.  Honestly, I am not a fan of the show, it gives me The Anxious. It's no wonder this girl felt like she had to lose weight to fit in.  

She was 185 lbs.  1-8-5 lbs and says she had lap-band surgery to get to 120 lbs and get in a bikini this summer.
Because, you know, that's why you lose weight -- to get in the bikini.  Check out the US Weekly cover.  "Surgery helped me lose 30 lbs!"
Screen Shot 2012-06-15 at 7.40.43 AM

I am not far off from this woman's starting weight.  Should I get a gastric band?  
Screen Shot 2012-06-15 at 7.43.49 AM

What's dramatic about all this -- is the Twitter feed.  

Go get you some drama if you want it.  The Twitter  is accusing Lauren Manzo of lying about her weight loss surgery while hawking the Dr. Perricone weight loss plan and supplements.  
Screen Shot 2012-06-15 at 7.55.30 AM