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Own your sh-t. We all poop!

In all the years that I have been online, there's one thing that remains the same.

I own my sh-t.

  • If I ever sh-t on you, I am sorry.  Mostly.
  • If I sh-t and didn't know I did it, but you felt like I did?  I am sorry.
  • If I feel like I might sh-t?  I try to walk away until the feeling passes.  

This is one of those times.  I feel it coming, and I feel like I want to just sh-t all over this here internet.

One thing remains steady for me -- I refuse to send "hate mails," "hater comments," or anything like it from a name that is Not Mine.  I. own. my. shitty. behavior.

Why can't YOU?

I know I can be sh-tty, but it's my behavior.  If I am going to sh-t on you -- you're going to know it.  You will know exactly from whence it came.

Sending me sh-tty, hurtful, targeted hater comments serves no purpose.  What is so wrong with you -- that you choose to hide behind anonymous names and send such nastiness?

How would you feel if your suggestions -- DID push me over the edge -- the one you asked me to jump from?  Is that really what you are asking for?

I beg of you to respond in your own names.  You don't have the BALLS to do it. I do.  I have a neurological disorder and I can be ... unstable.   Rawr.  Try me.  You are COWARDS -- and YOU?  YOU CAN EAT MY SH-T.  

And, I'm going just put it out there for all of us who have been on the recieving end of this disgusting anonymous sh_t lately.  

It is not helping.  Also, support is support.  You can't pick and choose.

PS.  If you do not like like my occasional verbal diarrhea outbursts?  Why do you read them?  There is an unsubscribe button on EVERY page.   Here, Twitter and Facebook.  Skedaddle!


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