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Dr. Drew - HLN - Can gastric bypass fuel alcoholism?

Bariatric Eating Out Of Business - She poses the question with the keywords.

To the countless individuals who have searched this term and variations thereof over the last few weeks, I will say this:

Assume so.

I have two outstanding  orders with this company that I have yet to get filled.  One is eighty days out, one is around sixty days out.

No tracking numbers, both with FedEx Express shipping ADDED to the costs of the product.  People have been asking me, did I think my orders have been purposely ignored because I am the #2 weight loss surgery blogger in the United States?  

No.  I ordered both times with someone else's name, and clearly, my mother and my mother in law were also, screwed.  Sorry, ladies!

I have learned my lesson.  

PS.  Susan Maria Leach,  This is not about having "blog haters," it is about your failure.  Suck it up and fix it.

Screen Shot 2012-07-03 at 4.23.08 PM
PS 2 -  My theories seem accurate.  Susan isn't writing her own shit anymore.  This is all VERY WEIRD.

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