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Celebrate Bariatric Supplements Calcium Citrate Soft Chews


Celebrate Bariatric Supplements recently came out with a line of Calcium Citrate Soft Chews, and I have been holding my stash hostage for a very long time for this review.  If you had not noticed, I am a thief.  I steal samples from various supplement companies when I go to conferences.  I fill my pockets with chewy bites, protein bars, and samples of shakes.  I hoard them until I realize it's been Too Long Since I Stole Them And I Should Really Tell Everyone How They Taste Now.

These chews come in caramel, chocolate and a berry flavor.   This post will be about the caramel flavor chews, mostly because that's my favorite out of the three. 

The Celebrate Calcium Citrate Chews come in a bag of sixty, for $11.75, which is about twenty cents per chew.   Opening the zip-top bag, you can smell the caramel.  These chews smell super sweet and amazingly candy-like.   


Unwrapping the chew, I note that it's smaller than I anticipated from the bag's depiction of the product.  It's  actual size is slightly larger than a "Starburst"-type candy product.  I also notice that it's quite soft, and given that it's been super hot here lately, this bag of calcium chews are perhaps more soft and malleable than they might normally be.

BullseyescandyI take a bite, and I am pleased to note that the texture of the chew is somewhere between caramel bullseye and calcium chew.  There's no super-sticky-factor, and the chew doesn't stick to my teeth!

The chew breaks down nicely, leaving no after taste or mouth feel, and no detectable calcium citrate grittiness.  

The chew was pleasant to chew, and quite tasty.  

I could easily implement these into my day.

What's in them?  

These chews are 15 calories each, and sugar free, sweetened with a blend of maltitol and sucralose.


Celebrate writes -

You will be amazed at the great taste of these SUGAR FREE calcium citrate soft chews! Available in 3 great flavors with each chew providing 250 mg of calcium citrate and 250 IU of vitamin D3, you won't ask how many you have to take, you will be asking how many do I GET to take?!

With a smooth and creamy caramel taste, you will think that you will think that you are eating a piece of your favorite candy. Here are some key elements to our soft chews that make them different from other soft chews on the market:

  • 250 mg of calcium citrate.
  • 250 IU of vitamin D3.
  • Do not stick to teeth.
  • Soft and easy to chew
  • Great Caramel taste!

 ASMBS Suggestions for Calcium Supplementation after WLS -

Screen Shot 2012-07-19 at 2.28.22 PM
Click to view full-size

Given that these little chews are 250 mg of Calcium Citrate each, you would require several a day to meet the requirements of calcium supplementation depending on your doctor's suggestions.

I have heard (and read) from other post ops that they use these chews along with other standard chewable calciums, powders or tablets, and mix them up as they like.  I know, someone like ME, loathes to swallow caplets, and chewables just make more sense for me.  I'd mix up several choices in a bowl and keep them nearby my desk.  (Which is exactly where these are going now.)

The Celebrate Calcium Citrate Chews are no trouble to take, delicious, and make it simple to get in your daily calcium and a good boost of Vitamin D3.  

  • Product - Celebrate Bariatric Supplements Calcium Citrate Soft Chews
  • Via - Celebrate - I probably stole this bag of chews from a recent WLS event.  Because I do that.  Thanks, Celebrate!
  • Price - $11.75 - bag - about 20 cents a chew.
  • Pros - 250 mg. of calcium citrate, sugar free, 15 calories each, great texture, delicious caramel taste, also available in chocolate and berry flavors
  • Cons -  Sweetened with maltitol.  You need to take several.
  • Rating - Pouchworthy, MM  

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