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I love health insurance companies. XO

  • One husband with the day off to drive me into the city.
  • One two-hour drive window to get into Boston for a nurse visit and MRI.
  • Twenty minutes driving in circles in a nearly full to capacity parking garage, with a very loud man with English as a second language yelling at us to "GO DOWN!  DOWN!  More parking down!"
  • Ten dollars for parking.*
  • One thirty-dollar co-pay
  • Exactly FOURTEEN minutes late to the first appointment.
  • One cranky nurse because we're late.
  • One walk across the hospital campus for a MRI test.
  • One wait until 1:30pm for the test.
  • And a phone call.  "Sorry, but your health insurance did not preauthorize your testing today."
  • One seriously twitching eyelid.
  • One cancelled MRI.
  • *This is why parking was only $10.  That NEVER happens.
  • Two hours of phone calls back and forth to the insurance company.
  • One rescheduled test (and many to come...) 
  • One Very Cranky Beth.  :P
  • Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 8.15.49 PM

PS.  Yes, I am thankful to even HAVE health insurance.  I'm not whining.  Even if it's nothing but a huge pain in the ass lately.  Thanks, Cigna!

Do treatment services need to be pre-authorized?

For routine outpatient office visits with an in network provider, you do not need to contact us for prior authorization. To find an in network provider use our online directory or our telephonic directory by calling the number on the back of your ID card. In all other cases you must contact us to pre-authorize your care to help rapid claim payment at the maximum in network level. It is helpful to have the employee's social security number (found on the insurance identification card) when you call.


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