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Fitbloggin' 2012 and the balls of other women that I do not have. Thank you!

I spent last weekend at fitbloggin' 2012.  

Eggface Melting mama at Fitbloggin 1
Michelle + I at fitbloggin 2012

I have yet to write about the event in full, however I just caught this mini-clip on line of the Zumba group instruction.

I was there in this group - yet you will note that yours truly was not dressed for the occasion and sat out. I may have boogied a bit, but stood on the sidelines and simply photographed.

I stood in AWE of these women -- these two on stage who I do not know until this event -- both of whom are at stages of my prior size who OWN THEIR SHIT.

I was a little more than moved by them.  I might have been a little... sigh.  That's all I got.

Michelle and I watched the entire class a while and both sort of slinked back to the back of the room and became wallflowers.  I asked Michelle, "Where do we go to buy that kind of confidence?"  

I have never had CONFIDENCE of any sort to That Level -- and I have a certain Level Of It (I have, some, more than many people, but not that much?) she even has Some in more ways than I do!  Even the two of us combined that THAT ROOM could not do what these women were doing.  

It was clear that #1 - IT IS NOT ABOUT BODY SHAPE or SIZE AT ALL.  

Confidence is a very different animal, unrelated to your body/shape or a number on a scale.  Weight loss doesn't necessarily change that.  It's inside you.  

Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 12.37.32 PM

-Skinny Emmie and Mrs. Fat Ass

I applaud Roni and fitbloggin' for making THAT apparent -- because the curvy girls were in force this year.  Rock on.  *RAWR*

PS.  Next year, fitbloggin' 2013 - PORTLAND!

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