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MM + Eggface Video Product Review - 32 gram whey protein isolate shot live and silly at Fitbloggin 2012

From ANSI -

Protein Ice™ Power Shots, just like our bigger 20oz. Protein Ice™ drinks, infuse the highest quality Ultra-filtered pure protein isolate in three mouth-watering gourmet flavors. Protein Ice™ Power Shots contain 32g of Protein, 10g of Glutamine and 6g of BCAA's. We have left out the carbs, fat and lactose leaving you with just pure protein perfection. Protein Ice™ Power Shots is not just for bodybuilders! Protein is one of the basic building blocks of a healthy life, many people do not realize that they are not meeting their daily requirement for protein. Protein Ice™ Power Shots are a perfect supplement for all.

It is also designed to help post-bariatic surgery patients obtain adequate protein to help maintain muscle tissue.
  •  4oz Shooter
  • 32g of Pure Protein Isolate 
  • •10g Glutamine 
  • 6g BCAAs 
  • Superior muscle building protein drink 
  • Excellent for Bariatric Patients 
  • Helps in Recovery 
  • Great for Dieting 
  • No Carbs 
  • No Fat 
  • No Lactose 
  • Gluten Free
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  • Buy Protein Ice Now

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