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Restaurant Discounts For Gastric Bypass Patients May Send Mixed Messages

#malware #scam Bariatric Eating Susan Maria Leach Before + After BEHealthyDrinks + Book Release

Presented without commentary for your perusal.   

PS.  Susan, you might want to take back control of your social media.

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"In case ya missed it:  Susan Maria Leach, 11 year RNY post-op, and author of Before & After - Living & Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery (available everywhere books are sold.) Nominated for International Association of Culinary Professional Awards, 'Best First Cookbook', 'Best Health & Diet Book', and 'Cookbook of the Year'! Featured on NBC's TODAY Show and in People Magazine! A Barnes & Noble 'Staff Favorite'. In it's third printing - NEW VERSION RELEASE DATE NOVEMBER 12, 2012!!  Happy happy Joy joy!! lol! ;D
  • Dana Newsom Can you get it on the kindle
  • Suzanne Becker And yet STILL she can't seem to fulfill orders her customers made and paid for many months ago....
    2 hours ago via mobile Â·  3
  • Estelle Nadridge Goodman can i order believe drinks
  • Ruth Weber Her web site owes me $700 and they refuse to respond to me. Shame on her.
  • Cherri Lynn Wawerek What in the world has happened to your wonderful company, please tell us all that you are not trying to take advantage of all of us who depended on your help, just say it is not so
  • Marina McCormack Come on, Guys--way to ruin a moment! I too was involved in that mess of orders, and if you got the same letter that I got, you know she was horrified by the situation and determined to fight her way back from what she knew would provoke comments like yours. I'm also still waiting for resolution, but I've been involved with small businesses, and I know it can be a nightmare to come back from a problem. Name-calling...really?
  • Deb McAulay You received a letter, I've never heard from her company and she owes me over $300 dollars or the equivalent in Believe drinks. I even went through the Better Business Bureau and she never responded to them and I've been waiting for my goods since February!!!! So Susan what are you going to do about this!!!!!??
  • Kafi D'Ambrosi Ruin a moment? Marina, a letter is not money. Business is business and if you practice bad business, the same group of people are not going to celebrate a book that is in it's third printing, especially with those 3 extra recipe on mussels. There was money paid for a third printing to go through and many people think that their money was used for this in a fraudulent manner. That's nice that she wrote a letter, but we are all on the same path to health and it's a costly one. The marketing team is a little off in posting this with an F rating with the BBB and collectively owing people in the WLS community thousands of dollars. The online business is in flames and there has been no radical ownership of the fiasco. Take care of people first and lead on new people who are on this path.
  • Lisa White I thought she had resolved this .. I got my money back after email Michele ..hope all goes well
  • Diana Acre Kick her when she's down, she just got back up. Go get'em Susan, I buying the book, and I tonwant to know if can get on kindle.
Kevin Van Wieren Man, some of you guys are terribly naive.
I warned all of you.  For MONTHS.    
I clicked here --
Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 9.21.29 AM
I got a virus warning and a re-direct...

This is all SO. FISHY. and feels very dirty.
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