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Which will really help when I have to take my neurocognitive testing next week.  My cognition was already a mess, now that I have added Topamax back, there may be zero brains left for an actual many hour test.
This next round of testing is just a baseline for pre-op for the epilepsy surgery, to see where I am at NOW as compared to what might happen if my brains are tickled/removed/adjusted with surgical rearrangements to stop the seizures.  I am still having complex partial seizures approximately every 4-5 days, the bit of Topamax add-on has not helped the seizure activity.
On a positive note -- the Topamax HAS slowed my eating/grazing and given me a bit a lot of appetite-apathy.  It could totally be somatic, I know.  However, it's there!  
I could care less about snacking at this point.  I only eat sometimes, when I really feel the need to GET FOOD IN MAH BELLY.   This is much preferred to the super fast weight GAIN that I had on the Keppra-only diet I started this past summer!  I'll take it, I'll post a weight update blog post soon.  It's good news.
It's a looooong process.  Apparently a many year five year process that the United States Social Security Disability Office finds -- perfectly suited for me to GO TO BACK TO WORK in the job I had in 2005.   Get me a driver and I will.  Okay, thanks!
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