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Walk From Obesity Prize Updates!

From the Obesity Action Coalition -

2012 Fundraising Incentive Program – We would like to thank everyone that participated in one of our Spring 2012 Walk from Obesity events and are happy to announce those that qualified for an incentive prize. 

The winners are: 

Wii Game System and iPod Nano (Raised over $2,500): 

Beth S. – Natick, MA <-- WOOT!

We raised almost $4000 for the Natick, MA Walk From Obesity!

Screen Shot 2012-10-01 at 1.35.51 PM

Deborah T. – Birmingham, AL 

iPod Nano (Raised over $1,000): 
Barbara B. – Spokane, WA 
Cheryl W. – Natick, MA 

Wii Game System Drawing Winners (Raised over $500): 
Sue B. – Birmingham, AL 
Kristy C. – Mooresville, NC 

iPod Nano Drawing Winners (Raised over $100): 
Megan V. – Spokane, WA 
Michael G. – Mobile, AL 

Thanks again to everyone that took the extra steps and fundraised for our cause and congratulations to the prize winners. We hope that you enjoy your great prizes! 

Fall 2012 Update 

During our Fall Walk campaign, we will be offering the same great prizes to individual participants that meet the following fundraising goals: 

Raise $100 or more – You will be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 3 iPod Nanos! 
Raise $500 or more – You will be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 3 Wii Game Systems! 
Raise $1,000 – You will automatically win an iPod Nano! 

Raise $2,500+ - You will automatically win an iPod Nano and a Wii Game System! 

We are already AT $5096!

Remember that “Every Step Counts” and asking your family and friends to sponsor your participation in the Walk from Obesity is a great step to take and helps to ensure that your local Walk is a successful one.     

PS - Everyone who DONATES to Team MM + BBGC gets a shot at MY PRIZES because I re-gift them!  Donate NOW to Team MM + BBGC for Dallas!

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