Beth Sheldon-Badore Honored with the Obesity Action Coalition’s “OAC Advocate of the Year” Award
Event Welcome: Your Weight Matters 2012 National Convention

Hello Internet, I am stranded in Texas. #OACConference #hurricanesandy


This one time in Texas... I got stranded because of a little hurricane.   I live in MASSACHUSETTS.

I left my house to attend the Obesity Action Coalition last Wednesday morning -- and unknown to me, there was a hurricane coming in.  I am now trapped in the Dallas area until the planes can fly again.  Whelp. 

Luckily and thank goodness, I was saved AT THE TICKET COUNTER by a friend who lives here in the local Dallas-area, otherwise I would have been left in a puddle in tears AND SLEEPING ON A COT IN THE AIRPORT FOR FOUR DAYS.*

And, if you know Beth, she does not do very well without...

#1 - showering.  #2 - sleeping.  #3 - monies for coffee. 

*See also - no RX epilepsy medication. Very, very, BAD.  I had enough medication for a few days in case of emergency, but not HURRICALYPSE!

I almost lost my expletive deleted at the counter, and I was saved.  I also have my emergency supply of medication filled. 

*Thank you.  Because.  Really,  I would be on the floor in the airport for the majority of a week.

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