Substance Use Following Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery - Alcohol Is a PROBLEM.

How To Fail A Test.

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Tomorrow morning at bright and early I have my appointment with a certain Dr. So and So for a cognitive test.  This is part of determining whether I am a surgical candidate for epilepsy surgery, as there are many steps to actually getting to the cutting part.
Six (or even seven?) years ago, I started this process on my OWN with a self-referral and a neuropsychological exam and cognitive testing at a psychiatrists office because I had some neurologic concerns.  I knew something was wrong with my brain.  Turns out I had epilepsy, you know!  WHODATHUNKIT?   I didn't know.  (I did poorly on the testing, was diagnosed with a cognitive disorder.)   At that time, I was over here blogging about hypoglycemia - "OMG MY BLOOD SUGAR IS LOW!*" and poking the shit out of my fingers every two seconds.  Who knows if the reactive hypoglycemia wasn't triggering the crap out of my brain -- at the time!  I had no idea what was going on -- all I knew is that something felt wrong and my brain felt like oatmeal much of the time.  *Coincidentally, that is part of my seizure-schtick.
And it still does, except now I get to take like eighteen pills a day, AND have seizures, AND know they happen.  Wicked super fun.  Shaving my head will be the funnest part.  
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