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Radioactive MM.

Late Monday night my neurologist's secretary called to say that my PET Scan and MRI appointments were cancelled and please not to come in.  However, considering that this was the third (or... fourth?) cancellation in a row my husband called the health insurer Just To Make Sure, and it appeared we were okay - and had all the authorizations and Please Go Create More Debt!  Instead of wasting four hours in traffic in total to be sent home -- we waited to the very last minute and called the hospital to MAKE DAMN SURE I could still go in.  "And, I ... guess?"  

I think until you play this game of insurance-merry-go-NO-we-don't-want-to-pay-for-anything you won't get it.  This drags every process out over months.  Consider that I have had seizures since AT LEAST 2006 or 2007 (I did not realize what they were...) and that my medical treatment is really JUST getting underway, now.



AND THE INSURANCE COMPANY -- "Well, we aren't so sure she needs that test, could you offer more proof that she needs brain imaging?"   Sure!  COME TO MY HOUSE Mr. Cigna.  Live with me for a week.  I'll show you seizures!  

The testing. 

The PET Scan was super simple, after I walked in and was given the: "Um, your appointment was cancelled?"  I just told the girl at the desk, "Yes, well, we spent all morning on the phone about THAT," and I looked away.  

Two minutes later, she's got my bracelet on, and the nurse has my IV in.

You get a simple glucose injection and have to sit quietly for 45 minutes and let your brain rest.  I am not good at that, so I got in trouble for picking up a magazine.  "BAD, BAD BETH."  The scan itself was no big deal, it was quiet, and quick.  As soon as I started to feel like I had enough -- it was over.  

The MRI.  Do not want.  I have had enough brain MRIs to know they suck -- they are loud and obnoxious, and I do everything I can to NOT ENVISION my brain being sliced into deli meat.  Because I Do.  The Whole Time. 

These two tests will give a clearer picture of the activity source in my brain like this:

Not MY brain ... HOWEVER ...

 The MRI - the non seizure brain - the seizure brain - the mixed scans - and VOILA - you can see the seizure focus!  Again, not my brain, however, my will appear somewhat similar.  

PS.  If you do not want to receive neurology updates - remember - this is my personal blog.  If you're still here, thank you!  

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