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Dear Christmas Cookies -

Dear Plate Of Christmas Cookies -

It's not you - it's me.  We cannot be together.

Our relationship was doomed from the start.  When you came into my life, I was on a roll!  I had been tracking my food intake for a full month (something that is very unlike me) I had just lost a few pounds and I was content to post my weight numbers online for accountability's sake.

Then, you arrived.  First there were a few assorted snacks from family, and then a plate of sugar-cookies (ie. straight-crack) which I cannot resist.  Plain old sugar cookies are my kryptonite.  

In nine years post-gastric bypass living, I know exactly how much sugar vs. carbohydrates vs. fat it takes to Not Get Sick or having dumping syndrome from eating - which leads to "food games."  That means - sugar cookies are one of the easiest (naughty) foods to eat and not die from.  Two won't make me die, but THE CALORIES ADD UP SO. VERY. FAST.  Which leads to Caloric Amnesia!  

"I don't remember eating two cookies this morning," and two later, and two later, and two later ... and soon you realize that you May Have Had a half-tube or half-bowl of dough worth of cookies over the course of the day in just "little bits" but because you haven't "written it down."

The cookies lead to "forgetting."  

Even though I took the steps to throw the cookies away (...and pretty damn immediately I should mention!) and stopped the madness before it got any worse -- I didn't get back into the habit of food journaling and I have missed every single day since at least Christmas Eve.  I have also conveniently "forgotten" to weigh-in since.  

I see how this works, how this cycle snowballs so very quickly for so many of us.  Moderation.  It doesn't always work.  


Join me -


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