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BBGC Meets Al Roker and Forces Him To Sign A Book. <3


(This would have been a super time to try out my brand-new Nikon, so as not to take a iPad shot of a mobile phone photo?)

My good friend Wendy heard that Al Roker had a live book signing near her hometown last night, so like a good Bariatric Bad Girl, she went!  

I didn't see her Facebook message to ME until the moment she was Sitting In the Bookstore With My Name On A Sticky-Note For Mr. Roker To Sign when I realized what was going on.  (This is partly because I am without cell-plan, and only see messages when I am near the computer now.  So, sorry?!)  When I saw this I was like like, "Why is Wendy at a party with resin lawn chairs in January -- with a book -- wai -- wha??"


And then I remembered the proximity of her stalkery locale to New York City (no comment from the peanut gallery) and this happened.


Wendy had a brief opportunity to talk to chat with Mr. Roker about the BBGC Bariatric Bad Girls Club and discussed fundraising we've done with the Obesity Action Coalition.  Thank you, Wendy -- and thank you Al!

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