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Top 50 Emotional Eating Blogs - cue thud and human puddling.

I found this list  of the "Top 50 Emotional Eating Blogs 2012" through a blog I found via fitbloggin' this year.  This. list. is. amazing.  I'll share half - you can visit the link for the rest

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1. Life with Cake â€“ Greta Gleissner is a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders. Life with Cake is a personal blog about her recovery from an eating disorder and includes advice about addressing urges to eat emotionally.

2.  Karen C.L. Anderson â€“ Karen C.L. Anderson writes about what happens after achieving “weight-loss success”. She talks about self-acceptance, how to truly feel your feelings, and eating mindfully.

3. The Begin Within Blog â€“ The Begin Within Blog is a blog for individuals recovering from eating disorders. The blog covers a wide range of topics from binge eating to intuitive eating to kindness and compassion.

4. Savor the Blog â€“ Savor the Blog expands on the themes found in Savor, the popular book by Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. Lilian Cheung. Many of the posts are about mindful eating, while others address the emotional reasons we make our food choices.

5. A Weigh Out â€“ A Weigh Out is a blog written by a number of contributors — all of them professionals in the field of nutrition, emotional eating, and eating disorder therapy. While some of the posts are personal reflections by the coaches and therapists, a number of the posts include advice about addressing emotions in our lives that can affect health — and diet.

6. Ditch the Binge â€“ Shirley Billson writes the Ditch the Binge blog, which is all about increasing self esteem and recovering from eating disorders, especially binge eating.

7. We are the Real Deal â€“ We are the Real Deal is a project of the nonprofit Normal Life, an organization committed to providing education about eating disorders, body image, and self-esteem through art and mindfulness. While the blog is not entirely about emotional eating, it does frequently post about how emotions affect our well-being and behaviors related to eating.

8. Let There Be Light â€“ Let There Be Light is a personal blog of a woman who has experienced first hand issues related to disordered eating. She writes about more than emotional eating — such as her life as a new mom — but many of her posts are about her approach to a healthy body image, as well as the connections between her emotions and eating.

9. Stop Chasing Skinny â€“ The tagline of Stop Chasing Skinny — “Find Happiness Beyond the Scale” — explains the mission of this site so well. The blog encourages readers to liberate themselves from a number or a size — and to share their experiences doing so.

10. Too Much on Her Plate â€“ This blog is written by Melissa McCreery, a psychotherapist and life coach, who works with women to help them to end emotional eating and “start living the life they have been craving.” Melissa’s blog content is rich with written and video content and up-to-date information.

11. Geneen Roth â€“ Geneen Roth’s website where she discusses her work in the field of food psychology, as well as her books and workshops. The Articles and Interviews page lists some of her most recent written work, as well as her appearances on various television programs.While this site is not a true blog, Roth’s body of work is extensive and reaches a wide audience.

12. Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat â€“ Dr. Michelle May, author of “Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat” writes about eating mindfully and loving food. Her body of work spans a variety of topics including dieting, eating disorders, loving life, and diabetes.

13. The Fat Nutritionist â€“ Michelle Allison is a nutritionist who wants people to get to a “friendly place” with food and their bodies. Her blog covers her work as a nutritionist, as well as discussing how people should eat, not what they should eat.

14. Ange Anglade â€“ Ange Anglade is a Soul Wellness Coach, working with professional and career-oriented women who want to achieve a health body weight. Ange’s blog emphases topics such as emotional eating, sexiness, and weight loss.

15. Mind Body Food â€“ Viki T. is a life and wellness coach writing from Queensland, Australia about the connections between the mind, the body, and eating. She has also been very involved with the Queensland Eating Disorder Association. The blog on mindbodyfood.net is relatively new (first post is from October 2011), but the content that has been posted is so relevant to the field of eating psychology.

16. Thinking and Eating â€“ Mark Lock (Yien Hao) is currently a research associate at Harvard Business School working on psychological research related to food. While his site is not focused on emotional eating in the same manner as IPE, his body of work is fun to read!

17. Christie Inge â€“ Christie Inge is a body image coach who works with women who are ready to make peace with food and their bodies. Christie posts blogs on a regular basis and covers emotional and intuitive eating topics that are applicable to daily life and well-written.

18. Eat Sanely â€“ Dr. Terese Weinstein Katz is a clinical psychologist who helps people find healthy solutions for their eating issues. Dr. Katz’s blog includes topics such as emotional eating, as well as a number of other related themes such as sugar addiction and weight loss.

19. Beauty Redefined â€“ It is time to take back beauty! Beauty Redefined is a blog written by two women who document how society thinks about ‘health’ and ‘beauty’. This blog does not discuss emotional eating specifically, but does an excellent job of discussing how women’s bodies are objectified and why women hate their bodies.

20. Healthy Girl â€“ This site is a resource for girls and women who overeat or binge eat. The blog is written primarily by Sunny Sea Gold and covers her personal issues related to binge eating, as well as commentaries and information for individuals dealing with eating issues.

21. Shrink Yourself â€“ Roger Gould, MD is a psychiatrist and author working in the fields of weight loss and stress management. Dr. Gould’s blog, Shrink Yourself, regularly discusses how out-of-control emotional eating can negatively affect life and well-being.

22. A Weight Lifted â€“ A Weight Lifted blog focuses on providing healthy weight management resources to women tired of dieting. The blog includes everything from tips for preventing stress eating to defining to emotional eating to increasing awareness about Weight Stigma.

23. Emotional Eating PDX â€“ Kristen Maus is an Art Therapist who is passionate about helping others address emotional eating issues. While her posts are infrequent, her site is a great resource for folks who want to understand emotional eating issues.

24. Chew Tamers â€“ Chew Tamers works to empower its readers to become the “most joyful, radiantly healthy human being possible”! The blog highlights the importance of talking about and understanding emotional eating.

25. Normal Eating â€“ Normal Eating is a space for Sheryl Canter, a personal coach, to write about eating to meet emotional needs. Sheryl talks about many aspects of emotional eating including eating due to food addictions, loneliness, shame, and low self esteem.

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