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Yo-Bro.  Got you some of that yogurt you like from the health-food store.  I heard about it on NPR this morning, so I ran out and got some -
  • The First Yogurt For Men. The Greek Yogurt that’s high-protein, all-natural and great tasting, in a man-sized package. Specifically designed for the active lifestyle.

You know how I like a man-sized package.

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It's too bad that the nutrition stats rock, 'cause this girl would totally try it, even though you probably don't want me to.  Not only am I a girl, but a former fat chick.

  • Product - Powerful Protein Greek Yogurt 
  • Facebook - Powerful Protein
  • Price - $2.00-$3.00
  • Location - Nowhere near here - send me one?
  • Pros - Zero fat, super high protein
  • Cons - Silly branding, although, I get it.  Yogurt branding is SO SILLY.  "Activia!"  I get it.  Boys deserve their own bull-branded red-colored boy-gurts or something.  I am being totally facetious.  Send me some.  These stats are wonderful.
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