Favor, please?
NKOTB you have redeemed yo-selves with this.

Joan Rivers on Dr. Oz

So this surprised me.

I guess I didn't know much about the woman.

I was walking on the treadmill last night - and I saw this episode of Dr. Oz.  I have blogged before about Joan Rivers and her outright disgust for obese people (!!)  I wanted to be angry at her.

And then I really listened.

Watch the above link before you rant.

Watch it.  Come back.

Now.  Are you sad for her?  Are you sad?  Because this woman is a Weighty Secret.    She has zero self-esteem.  Zero self-confidence.  Listen to some of the things she says.   

"I loved it, it was fabulous."  -Weighty Secret, Joan Rivers re: Bulimia

She is one of us, just aged and faking hateful things.  

She needs a hug.

It's Joan Rivers uncensored! She talks candidly to Dr. Oz about her husband's suicide, her struggle with bulimia and the insecurities that drove her to plastic surgery. Plus, Joan's daughter Melissa exposes her junk-food habit.




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