A Tongue Patch For Weight Loss
No words.


Via Obesity Action Coalition -

We are proud to announce that the OAC has secured prominent National media coverage and local outlets confirmed to attend this year's ground-breaking event in Phoenix. 

CNN, one of our nation's most long-standing media outlets, has officially confirmed their attendance this year and will join us in Phoenix to provide National coverage of the event. We are honored to have CNN attend this year and showcase the tremendous strides that are being taken to provide the needed education to individuals concerned about weight and health. This is also a unique opportunity to show a major news outlet like CNN a different side to the obesity epidemic, and our hope is that their experience at this year's Convention will foster a broader understanding of the complexities of the issue.

This year, we will also be joined by the local Fox affiliate, which will provide coverage of the event to Phoenix-area residents. Spreading awareness about the cause in local communities is a crucial component and we are excited to expose the local affiliate to our important messages and community.

  • I was part of the Inaugural Your Weight Matters National Convention last year and felt the energy and enthusiasm of more than 275 attendees! Join me this year to learn about all things related to weight and health – August 15-18 in Phoenix, AZ. 
  • For more information, visit www.YWMConvention.com.

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